Vampire/Werewolf Role Play

For now, this is just the Role Play, unedited version. This originated from a Discussion on Goodreads with an old friend. It's unfinished because we've recently had a falling out. There is still more than is posted here, but eventually it will run out. Whether I finish it or not remains to be seen. For a bit of background, check out these posts:
F is for Failure
G is for Great Ideas


There was howling in the distance. I ran, hoping I wasn't too late. Hoping they wouldn't notice. I shifted gracefully into my wolf form. I picked up speed. My long legs gliding over the ground. My black fur rustled in the blowing wind. I howled into the night. Another howl answered me. They noticed. This won't be good.

I ran, quickly, as if all hell was breaking loose. I was going to see Kat. My heart did a weird little flutter-pound in my chest. I smiled and ran my hand through my hair. I was totally in love with her. If anybody found out, they would kill me. At least I won't burn in the sunlight, I thought to myself. I couldn't wait. I ran to our meeting place and arrived just before my ears heard Kat running to me in her wolf form. My heart was going to burst out of my chest, even though it didn't beat. This happened every time I thought about her. I sighed, wondering if she was in love with me too, and if what would happen if we were caught.

The howling stopped. Crap, what do I do? I thought. Steph wanted to meet me. The Pack wanted me to be at the meeting. I didn't have time to make my decision. I ran towards the meeting place. Shifted back into human form. Slipped into the sundress I had been wearing before. I stepped out of the darkness and into the clearing. My heart skipped a beat. Oh God. There he was standing motionless in the center of the clearing. His hair was blowing in the light breeze, shining a dark purple in the moonlight. He looked like he was glowing. Oh my Dear Lord. How could I feel this way? He was my best friend. Surely he didn't feel this way. I heard a howl, closer to me this time. Damn. I ran to Steph. He caught me in his arms. Shouldn't have done that, smart one.

I was watching the moon, thinking about Kat's eyes, while the wind blew my hair around my head in frenzy. Her beautiful blue-green eyes. We'd been best friends forever. She supported me when I'd turned into a Vampire, and I'd been her pale shoulder to cry on when she'd discovered that her mother was a Werewolf, and so she was destined to be one, too. If she loved me, we would live on together, forever if we weren't caught. I heard a howl, but not K's howl. She's here. Stupid hair. I hope I look okay. I turned around at the speed of light. Oh my God! Holy crap! How can anything be so beautiful? I swooned, but gained composure of myself lighting fast. She stood in the clearing. Her brown hair flapping around her face in the wind. She looks like an angel. Her beautiful black sundress flattered her curves. I wanted to–no I had to stop myself. We couldn't be together. I didn't even know if she liked me. In her opinion, we were probably just friends, which killed me inside. I wanted to be way more than friends.

Oh God it felt so right to be in his arms. They were strong and tightly holding me against his body. I didn`t want to let go. But I did. He couldn`t feel this way. I wasn`t even sure what it was I felt. When I let go, there was another howl. Way too close.
“Steph, I gotta go. I`m sorry. We’ll have to meet some other time.” The howl was so close. I shifted and ran towards the howl, picking up a small rabbit on the way.

She ran into my arms. It felt so, I don't know. It just felt... right. Like my world was complete. Oh God. I hope we can stay like this forever.
"Steph, I gotta go. I'm sorry. We'll have to meet some other time." She shifted and ran towards a very close, but very distant howl. My heart broke right then. This was proof she didn't love me. Why does she always leave me?! I just wanted to stay in that sweet embrace forever and ever until the world ended. Then a thought hit me. Crap! Kat didn't love me.

I almost ran past the Wolf. He was running so fast and silently towards our clearing. It's a good thing he at least noticed the rabbit. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't have stopped and would have noticed the vampire smell. Yeah, they did smell. Most of them smelled like death and decay. Some like Steph smelled so alive and bright. I had no idea how that really smelled, but that's what Steph smelled like to me.
I recognized the wolf. It was Jared. Oh God, this ain't good.

I drug myself to the Lair (that is so stereotypical.) I mean, it was kinda dark in there. I'm the only Vampire who can go out in the sunlight, so of course the Others needed a dark place to stay. I wasn't in the mood to deal with the Others right now. I ran to my room and tried to hide the Wolfie smell. Hee-Hee. Wolfie. Wow. I'm so immature. I hoped they wouldn't notice.
I was walking to the dining hall when I crashed into Rebecca. I hated her. She disgusted me. She was so into me. It was really obvious. She always followed me around and wore revealing dresses and batted her eyelashes and giggled at everything I said, hoping I would notice her. But I didn't. The only girl I ever notice is Kat, but she doesn't even love me, or LIKE me. I don’t know how much longer I can go on being "just friends." Gosh. My heart is tearing into painful little shards. "What do you want, Becky?"
"You." She stated, like it was so obviously what she and I already knew.
"Well keep dreaming. 'Cause this," I started at my head and move my hand down to my feet, inches away from my actual skin, "is already waiting to be taken by someone else."
"Well I'll keep trying. You know that." She batted her eyelashes and tossed her auburn hair over her shoulder.
"Whatever. You won't have me for as long as you are a Vampire." I retorted. She walked away, shaking her hips just slightly, trying to be sexy. She is so lame.

"Where've ya been Wolfie?" Jared asked.
"Shut up." I punched him. We were in human form.
"Don't call me Wolfie." My voice was ice cold.
"Why, Ray calls you that?" His voice was hard. *Like I give a crap.* I didn't answer.
We got to the meeting place. My father and Ray were standing in the middle of the clearing, surrounded by about 20 people from our Pack.
Ray saw me and removed himself from the group, walking towards me.
"Hey, Wolfie!" He waved. I waved back, my mouth pulling into a genuine smile. I may hate it when Jared calls me that, but I absolutely love it when Ray does.
I walked towards him. "So, what's going' on?"

I walked into the dining hall. Oh, God. I thought I just got rid of her. Why me?! And guess who walked right up to me with a tray of food? Rebecca! The last person I wanted to see.
We walked over to a table, and I reluctantly sat down. I really wasn't in the mood for Becky's senseless chatter. I flipped open my cell phone. My heart fluttered when I saw a message from Kat. Yay!
The little heart at the end made my heart flutter. I got up and ran to my room before Becky noticed.

I was at home. Talking to Ray. We were trying to relax. The Pack was in trouble, we were told not to be involved. So we tried to forget about it. We were watching SpongeBob. Laughing hard. Not really cause the show was funny. It was, but that wasn't why we were laughing. We had played a joke on the local pups. We weren't trying to be mean. We loved them, but we needed someone to trick.
My phone buzzed.
"What the hell?" I was practically yelling.
"You okay?" Ray asked.
"No... Steph..." I whispered under my breath. I hadn't heard what Ray said.
"Steph? What happened?" He knew about us still being friends. He covered for us when he could. He was excellent at it.
"He said he'd be here in five"
"Why would he do that? Somebody will see him."
"Yeah. I realize that. Dammit!"

I walked up to her house, knocking on the door. I had on my regular clothes, but I actually tried to look good today. Every other day I looked crappy. No wonder K doesn't like me. Ray answered the door. I hate Ray. He's Kat's friend, but he's a Werewolf and they make me terribly jealous. I had to punch something, but I didn't want to make anybody mad.
"Uh, hi Stephus."
"Hi Ray. Can I come in?"
"No!" I looked at him questioningly. "Wait- it's not what it look like! I just don't want her to get in trouble!"
"Sure. Can you send her out?"
"Kat!" He called.
"Thank you."
"I was just leaving. Bye Stephus." He looked like a scared puppy. I chuckled. I loved making Werewolf humor.
"Bye Ray." He ran away as fast as he could.
"Hi Steph." Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! My heart stopped. She was wearing a really pretty red dress. It fit all her beauty. I couldn't describe it but with one word: WHOA! Her beautiful blue-green eyes sparkle in the moonlight and her lips- whoa. They were so beautiful. I just wanted to kiss her. But I didn't think she felt the same way. Oh. My. God. I almost passed out, but I didn't want to show weakness.

Why did he have to come now? I was wearing that incredibly embarrassing red dress my father required me to wear at the Pack dinner tonight.
"Kat!" Ray called out.
I ran down the stairs, wishing I could shift so he wouldn't have to see me in this.
I stopped in the doorway. I stared at him.
Damn. My heart nearly shattered. Did he know how he hurt me? Did he have to look so beautiful? My God. I love him.
"Hi Steph."
"Uh, hey, Kat. What's the dress for?" Damn, he noticed.
"Dinner tonight, with the Pack. Red dress required." I smiled, very much embarrassed.
"Ah. It's pretty. You look nice." My heart leaped. But he probably didn't mean it that way. That hurt. Bad.


Crap! I'm an idiot. I told her that she looked nice. I did a mental groan. She looked so beautiful I didn't want to do anything but gaze at her and her beautiful self for all eternity. I hoped I hadn't ruined her plans for the pack dinner. Oh my God. I will never be able to not breathe again. We walked to the clearing, making small conversation. Something wasn't right. I smelled wolf. And it wasn't Kat. She smelled like everything that was pure and good and my world all mixed up into one tantalizing smell. Why did she have to torture me so?
Then I saw the figure. Holy crap! A figure. In our clearing. Oh shit!

I stopped. Oh my God. It was Jared. I pulled Steph back. He almost stumbled. I removed my hand from his arm as soon as I could. I was afraid that if I didn't, I would never let go.
Jared heard us. Crap, no.
"Run!" I mouthed to Steph. He shook his head, softly at first, then again, more determined.
"Go!" I mouthed again. Jared was slowly walking towards us. I grabbed Steph, and we ran the hell out of there.
I hoped and prayed that Jared thought we were only a few deer.


Crap! It's Jared. Kat pulled me back. I almost stumbled, but I righted myself. Sadly, she removed her hand from my arm. He heard us and turned around. Oh crap.
"Run!" Kat mouthed to me. I shook my head. I would not leave her here with that horrible man. He only wanted Kat for her looks, but the looks were a mere coincidence compared to what I actually liked about her.
"Go!" She mouthed. Jared slowly walked toward us. Kat grabbed me and we ran like hell. If only Jared thought we were deer.

We ran all the way back to my house. Ray was running towards us.
"Wolfie!" I couldn't help but smile. I felt Steph looking at me. I stopped immediately.
We all stopped running in the middle of the street.
"Father is looking for you."
"What? He's back?"
"Yes. We need to go. NOW!"
"But-" I looked to Steph, helpless.
"You need to go. God, why does this keep happening...?” I muttered the last part.
"We'll meet some other time?"
"Yes. Of course."
"See ya later then." He ran away. I couldn't worry about him right now. I walked to my house. I didn't smell like vampire. Oh, thank God.
My father was sitting on the porch. He looked up when I got to the driveway.
"Good you're here. Let's go."


She left me again! Why does that always happen! I went back to the Lair and walked towards my room. Rebecca popped out of nowhere, all auburn hair and fluttery eyelids. She gets on my nerves.
"Let's go somewhere, Stephus." I shuddered. Oh God no! The thought was repulsive.
"Hell no!" She looked like she had been deprived of blood.
"You're making a BIG mistake, hanging out with that Werewolf girl." Oh my God! How did she know about that? I didn't care. I pushed her away from me and slammed my door in her face.

We were at Beni Hanna’s. I would have loved it. But it was Jared's choice. No way was I giving in. Ray sat down next to me, my father on my other side, Jared right across from me.
After our food got here, but before we started eating, Jared stood up and clinked his glass.
"As you all know," he said to the 15 other Pack members that decided to show up. "Kat is going to be turning 16 soon. This means that pretty soon she will have to choose a mate."
Everybody was nodding and looking at me. I was so glad the rest of the Pack wasn't here. So glad Steph wasn't.
"I would like to formally propose to her. To formally offer myself." There was a lot of clapping. I didn't look to see who was clapping and who wasn't.
I looked at Ray. He was pretending to clap and be happy. He was good at pretending. I couldn't wait for this night to be over.


I hoped she got my message. I lay down on my bed and slept.


Just after Jared sat down, my phone vibrated.
I checked the message:
I sent the message. Sat there thinking for a few seconds. How could we possibly meet? What with everybody pressuring me to choose a mate? The Attack?
I sent another message:

I was dreaming about Kat when my phone vibrated. I opened it and read the text:
Yay. My heart fluttered. And my phone vibrated again.
I smiled and shut the phone and fell into a peaceful sleep, waiting for midnight to come.

I was asleep. There was a thumping on the stairway that woke me up.
"Father?" I called. He was probably checking up on me, like he usually did.
There was no answer.
"Dad?" Silence. "Daddy?" The thumping stopped for a second. Continued.
The light turned on, blinding me for a few moments.
It turned off as suddenly as it turned on.
"I know your secret Wolfie." I stiffened. I knew that voice. Jared.
"What are talking about?" I said sleepily. "What do you want?" I was too tired for this.
"You're depriving me of sleep here."
"I'd be worried if I were you."
"Right..." I was about to fall asleep again.
I was, at least until he kissed me. I slapped him. Hard enough to knock any human unconscious. But he wasn't human. He was, however, very annoyed. Kissed me harder. I broke free. "Daddy!" I called.
Jared growled at me. Ran and jumped out the window. I couldn't help but hope that he had hurt himself. Then Father could punish him. But I could tell he was okay.
Father ran into my room. I was fast asleep, thrashing wildly.
He shook me awake. I was crying. He held me close. I clung onto him. Told him what happened. He said it was all a dream. I knew that it really had happened. Father left after I stopped crying. Wished me goodnight. I dreamt of Steph. Couldn't wait till tomorrow.

Something was wrong with Kat. I could feel it. I dismissed it as me just wanting to see her and I fell back asleep.
I dreamt. Jared walked into Kat's room and told her some stuff. But the only part I paid attention to was when he kissed her. That made me so mad. I wanted to go after him and rip his stupid little head off. I cried, but I hoped nobody noticed. Oh God. That was bad. I fell asleep and had more nightmares, but it was strange. It seemed like he really did kiss her.


I was in the clearing. Waiting. I was early. I couldn't stay in my room anymore. I felt violated. Hatred was raging through my body. How dare he touch me like that. He had NO RIGHT. Absolutely no right.
I heard rustling. Looked towards it.

She was waiting for me in the clearing. She turned around and saw me. Her face lit up in the most breathtaking smile.
"Hi Steph!"
"What's wrong?"
"I need to tell you something."
"You can tell me anything, Steph." Oh no. This was the moment. I had to do it.
"Well, uhh... I love you Kat."

Well, uhh... I love you Kat.
The words were ringing in my head. I couldn't make sense of them. They were too good to be true. Way too good.
"Kat? Are you okay?"
I blinked. "You love me?" I whispered quietly.
"Yes, Kat, I do. And I completely understand if you don't love me. We were only friends and-"
"What?" I asked. Honestly confused.
"I said-"
"No, I heard you. I just can't believe..."
"What?" He asked quietly.
"That you would think I don't love you."
"I love you, Steph." Before I knew it, Steph grabbed me in his arms. Hugging me tightly. Looked me in the eyes. Kissed me lightly.
I kissed him back. Held him close to me.
It felt so right. To finally be here. Holding Steph. Loving him. We kept kissing. Lightly, over and over and over again. Savoring the moment. Wishing it would never end.

<![endif]-->HOLY CRAP!!! SHE LOVES ME! My heart bursted open with happiness. I didn't even know what i was doing, but I didn't care. As long as it was with Kat. This relationship was going to be hard, but I didn't give a crap. Woohoo! I grabbed her in my arms and pressed my mouth to hers. We kissed over and over and over. I savored every moment. I hoped it would never EVER end. But, sadly, good things always come to an end.

We were lying on the grass. Next to each other. Linked by our hands. The sun was about to come up. I didn't want to leave. Not now. Not ever.
But I thought of Jared. He would tell everybody. I couldn't risk it. Not if I wanted to keep seeing Steph. I rolled onto my side. Watched him as he stared unflinchingly at the rising sun.
"You have to leave soon." He said.
"Yes." He turned his head to look at me. Got up, helped me up.
"See you tomorrow?" He said hopefully. I smiled.
"Yeah. Definitely." He kissed me again. Let me go after a few seconds.
I walked away. Every second wanting to run back. Wanting to place myself back at his side. Wanting to stay there forever.

We were laying on the grass. I was staring at the sun. We were holding hands. I never wanted to ever leave from this spot. Ever! I thought of Becky. She knew. Oh crap! She knew! oh no. She rolled onto her side and looked at me.
"You have to leave soon." I said, painfully.
"Yes." I stood up and helped Kat up.
"See you tomorrow?" I asked hopefully. Her smile made my heart melt.
"Yeah. Definitely." I kissed her again. She walked away, every second I wished she'd come back. I wanted her to come back and stay with me forever.
I had a plan. I would tell her to meet me at the clearing later and, and... uhh. I didn't come up with anything else. I just hoped my plan would work itself out.

The whole Pack was here. All 80 of them. Not including me, Ray, Father.
Everybody was talking about me. My 16th. Who they thought I would choose for my mate.
Some said Jared.
Others said Ray.
All of them joked that I would choose Steph. Just to keep it interesting. That was kind of just how I was.
They all thought I hadn't talked to him since I Turned. Five year ago. They couldn't know they were wrong.
I was keeping busy, talking to Ray about nothing I cared about. He could tell I was stressed. Worried. I had told him. He was trying to help.
Father got everybody's attention.
"With the Attacks going on, we need to stay informed. Every other day we will meet here. Today there is nothing new. Our Warriors are not winning or losing. We will stay here for about another hour."
An hour later:
"I'll see you all on Monday."


"Hi K. I missed you."
"Yeah, me too. Hey guess what?" Oh no.
"Uh... what?" I didn't want to hear this.
"It's time for me to choose a mate." Oh crap.
"So who ya gonna pick?" I didn't want to hear this, either.
"You. But I'm going to tell them I don't want any of the people in my pack to be my mate. And if they say who? I'll just tell them, I'm not sure."

"It's time for me to choose my mate." I was with Steph. Back at the clearing. Midnight.
"So who ya gonna pick?"
There was a pause.
"You. But I’m going to tell them I don't want any of the people in my pack to be my mate. And if they say who? I'll just tell them, I'm not sure."
He didn't look that much relieved. I walked over to him. Hugged him tightly. Knowing there was no way I could choose anybody in my Pack. I couldn't love any of them like this. Maybe Ray, but no. No. Only Steph.
As if to prove this, he kissed me gently, stroking my hair with his hands. Held me against his warm body. I almost melted, right there in his arms. So warm. So right. We stayed like that for the rest of the night. I left when the sun came up. After a kiss. A quick goodbye. A thousand heartbreaks.

At least she wasn't going to pick anybody in her pack. She really did love me. I kissed her and stroked her beautiful hair. I held her close so she knew I would never leave her. If I believed in God, I would be praying to him and thanking him for this wonderful gift. I almost melted in her arms. These moments, in the clearing, were so perfect, so sweet. I wanted to build us a house right here and raise a family of Were Vamps. She left at sunup. I kissed her and she left me with a broken heart. I always felt like crap after she left. I sighed.
I ran home and slept. That's what I've seemed to do until I could see Kat again. What an interesting life.

I absolutely loved Sundays. Church. Most Wolves didn't even bother with that. Wolves like Jared. Meaning that I went every Sunday with Father and Ray. I loved it. The songs sung by people with such belief. The prayers said with genuine hope. I loved it.
I'll also admit that sometimes I just wait for it to be over. I love it, but I always feel like I don't belong. 

Me and Ray were playing in the forest. Hunter. He was the predator this time. I was the prey. We were in wolf form. About fifty feet away from the other. He lunged and ran towards me. I dodged and got him from behind. Caught his neck in my mouth. He pretend yelped. We both knew it hadn't hurt him. He pulled back sharply, I lost my balance. He jumped on me. Pinned me to the ground.
I'm sorry, Wolfie. I'm the predator this time. he thought.
Yeah, well. I kicked him in the stomach with my hind legs. He was still on me. I touched my nose to his.
This startled him. I took this opportunity to slip out from under him. He noticed, pinned me down again. I snapped at his neck and he snapped at my face. We kept snapping at each other, both of us laughing in our heads. Wolves do not laugh.
The leaves were rustling. We both turned to look. A figure emerged from the woods. Sprang Onto Ray.

Oh no. Ray was attacking Kat! He kept snapping at her. I didn't want her to get hurt, and Ray was attacking her, so I did the only rational thing there was to do.
I ran out from behind the bushes and pounced onto Ray. I caught him in a headlock. In this position, I could easily break his neck with the flick of my wrist.
"You better explain yourself. You have to the count of three to stars explaining yourself, or your neck is as good as snapped. One..."
"Okay, shit. We were playing Hunter. I didn't even hurt her. It's just a game us wolves play. One of us is the predator and one of us is the prey. I was the predator and Kat was the prey. This game is just for fun. Nobody ever gets hurt too badly. okay? There. Damn." Oh crap. I felt like a jerk. Oops. I was wrong. I leaped up off Ray and ran, leaving Kat calling my name.

"...Okay? There. Damn." Ray was explaining. Steph ran.
I called his name.
"Ray are you alright?" Oh my God. I can't believe he did that. Why would he do that?
"I'm fine, Kat." We were in human form. My dress was slightly torn. Woops. Oh well.
"C'mon Ray, let's go back home." He was limping slightly. I helped him.
"So, what do we tell the others?" He said, trying to sound casual. I sensed something.
"He hurt you badly, didn't he?" No answer.
"RAY!" He stumbled. I caught him. He seemed weak.
Oh God, no. "Ray?" I asked softly, right before he fainted. Oh, God.
"Ray..." I lifted him and ran. To Father. He would know what to do. I would tell him the truth. Or, at least most of it.
Why, Steph? I thought, tears running down my face. For Steph, hurting Ray. For Ray, for being hurt.

Oh no, Oh no, oh no. Crap! Ray was in really bad condition. I almost killed him out there. But he could have killed me too, but still. I almost killed him! Why me? Why Kat? Why was I a stupid Vampire? Damn me.
I closed my phone and dreamt of how I almost killed Ray

What was I supposed to say to that? I was mad, so, so mad at him. For almost killing Ray. I couldn't believe he would do something like that.
I was hurt that he would do such a thing.
I wanted to forgive him. I did. But I don't know. Something. It didn't feel right.
I went anyway. Wanted to know.
Why do I love you, Steph? It's so hard. But I love you. I'll give you a chance.

The text sent a teensy flutter down into my heart. I changed my clothes and ran to the clearing. Maybe Kat and I could fix this problem. I would apologize to Ray and make everything better. Maybe.


I was sitting in the clearing. My eyes were closed. I was listening to the sound of the wind rustling the grass. The nighttime noises. The sound of Steph's arrival. I didn't hear him this time. I felt him.
Looked up. Opened my eyes. There he was. Standing in front of me. We didn't say anything for a while.
"Well, aren't you gonna say something. You called this meeting." My voice was harsh. Cold. Steph flinched. I would have to in the words were directed to me. I waited. For his answer.

"Uh... I just wanted to apologize. Are you mad at me?"

"Uh... I just wanted to apologize. Are you mad at me?"
I blinked. *Seriously?*
"Seriously? Am I mad at you? YOU ALMOST KILLED MY FRIEND!"

"Seriously? Am I mad at you? YOU ALMOST KILLED MY FRIEND!" Wow. She was pissed.
"If you really loved me, you would forgive me." I tried to reason with her.
"Well, Stephus, maybe I don't love you." She transformed into a wolf and ran away from me as my heart broke.

Oh, God, that hurt. I was still running, in my wolf form. My breathing was slow and steady. But my heart felt like it was about to explode. *So much pain.*
I stopped and rested for a second. Listened. Running. Someone was running toward me.
*No, Steph.* I was about to take off, but he caught me. I was still in my wolf form. I could hurt him, if I wanted to. Instead, I waited. To see what he would do. I didn't want to.

Every step that I ran, my heart felt like it was imploding. *So much damn pain!* I saw Kat in her wolf form. I ran faster and caught her. We stayed like that for a few minutes. Then she shifted into human form again. I kissed her. She sobbed as I ran my hand through her hair and old her multiple times that everything would be okay.

I shifted into my human form. He kissed me. I sobbed as he ran his hand through my hair. He told me, over and over, that everything would be okay.
But it wasn't.
Someone was watching us.
Stepped out of the darkness. Caught us. Kissing. Crying. Loving.
"Tag. You're it." We looked up. Saw him. Jared.
Steph got off of me, helped me up.
"What do you want, Jared?" My voice harsh and cold.
"Babe, you know what I want." I tensed.
"That's worse than Wolfie."
"Is it?" He smiled. Pounced. Pinned Steph to a tree.
"No!" I cried. His arm was on Steph's throat. About to choke him. Cut his head off.
"I always get what I want, Kat. Right now, I want you." He pressed his arm harder. Steph coughed.
"What are you going to do about it?" he asked tauntingly.
There was only one answer.

Oh crap! Jared popped up.
"What do you want, Jared?" She sounded fierce. I was proud of her.
"Babe, you know what I want." I saw her clench her fists.
"That's worse than Wolfie." Wow. She could be feisty.
"Is it?" He smiled and pinned me to a tree. *Oh crap.*
"No!" Kat cried. He was going to chop my head off.
"I always get what I want Kat. Right now, I want you." He pressed his arm into my throat, choking me. I coughed.
"What are YOU going to do about it?" He taunted. I hoped Kat would do the only thing there was to do.

"I'll be your mate." I whispered. Hoping I was wrong. That that wasn't what he wanted.
"What is it, babe? Couldn't hear you."
"I said, I'll be your mate." I said, loud enough for him to hear. Tears streaming down my face.
"Now was that so hard?" He said. Slowly taking his arm from Steph's throat.
"No" I lied. I couldn't risk anymore.
"Atta girl. Come here. I'll make you feel better."
He let go of Stephus. Opened his arms for me.
I didn't want to. But I couldn't blow it. I obeyed. Stepped into his arms. Wrapped my arms around his waist. He wrapped his around my butt. I tried my hardest not to just kill him right now. I willed Steph to just play along for now. *Please, just play along.*
I wouldn't cry. Wouldn't give Jared the satisfaction. If I cried, he'd make me lean my head against his chest. No, I wouldn't cry.
But God, I wanted to.

He was kissing me. Hard. Hungry.
It hurt. He was holding me too hard. Hurting me. Steph please save me.
I couldn`t take it anymore. Couldn`t pretend. He was going too far. WAY too far.
“Steph!” I cried before he smashed his mouth to mine, trying to tear off my clothes.
Running. I could hear it, feel it. Steph. I can`t take it anymore!


More to come. Have a good writing day!
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