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Hey you guys! Some of you may already know me. Back when I was a solo blogger, I called myself Writer Person on my blog of the same name. With the addition of two co-bloggers, I've redesigned and renamed - we are now the Forest of Books. Somehow it makes sense, I swear.

I've always been anonymous, so excuse me if I don't give away too many details. I am a reader, a writer, a book reviewer. I love music, yearbook, watermelon. I love the feeling I get when I buy books, although sometimes the money I spend scares me. And I'm one of the mild book-buyers. But anyways.

I'm kind of weird, I can get a little rant-y or fangirl-y, as need be. I love all books, although there are some I want to throw at the wall because COME ON.


I am 17 years old. I am a swimmer and a book worm. And yes I do have a somewhat exciting life besides just reading amazing books. Now my nerdy side. I absolutely LOVE to read. I find it a great way to escape the real world and to enjoy a great adventure. (Don't get me wrong it is also important to actually live in the real world too, because life is too short to always fantasize and not take action.) I basically enjoy all types of books, especially YA fiction.  I can really get attached to characters and yes I can be very emotional. I know I am a dork.

I also enjoy talking about the books afterward. You know to share opinions and to get a chance to explain to everyone why I'm right and they're wrong.......haha just kidding. I'm very open minded. Oh and I passionately dislike spoiler alerts!.. just like my friend Wolfie. Trust me, it's better when it's a surprise.


Hey all! (Not ya'll, cause I don't have an accent.) I'm Steph and as you might have already guessed, I heart books, and reading, and writing, and all that fun stuff! Personally, when I read books that I really enjoy, I like to think of myself "jumping" into another world, cause that's basically what it is. With that being said, I too get super attached to fictional characters, which is completely normal.....cause everyone does that! I mean, forget real people right?

Anyways, besides my adoration for books, I love being active and love chocolate. Not to mention glazed donuts. Oh! That sounds so good right now. I'm currently a college attendee...so yes, that means I only have summer and winter breaks to read stuff I actually enjoy. See my life crisis?
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