Thursday, September 11, 2014

Life of a Blogger (15)

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This is a feature created by Jessi over at Novel Heartbeat. Each week there will be a non-book-related topic that we can discuss. This is to give us a chance to get to know each other better(:
This week's topic is:

Where were you 13 years ago?

I hate how it took me a second to understand that question...
That was the first thought that came to mind. (I feel like that makes me sound insensitive, but I was just really young back then.) Then I realized it was September and decided to check out what date Thursday was and well.... It's 9/11 you guys.

I watched a few documentaries on tv today. There's always so many, it's kind of hard to choose which one to watch. I love watching them though. Maybe love isn't the right word, but I watch them. It's hard to wrap my head around it, even though I've spent most of my life being aware of it. It just seems unreal and incredibly far away. I mean, I'm from California. I've been to New York. I actually saw when they started building the memorial and museum. But I don't really feel it until I see those documentaries. And it's still unreal. My mind can't process it. But I know some part of me does because I can't exactly stop my heart from pounding or my eyes from watering. It's hard reconciling what happened that day. It's hard for me, I can't even imagine what it's like for people who actually remember it.

Which is why I always watch those documentaries. They're stories that need to be heard. These people need to be remembered. And I've always been one for stories, especially the more heartbreaking...

My dad always tells this story about 9/11.

I was four back then. I was in pre-school. My mom always got up at six and she always turned on the news for the weather. I guess I was watching the news while she was getting ready. And I saw when the story came on about a plane crashing into the North Tower. I ran upstairs to tell my dad about the airplane flying into the building. He told me to stop watching that because he thought it was some sort of violent movie that a four-year-old generally shouldn't be watching. I went back downstairs and saw the second plane hit the South Tower and ran back upstairs. He was so horrified that I was watching some violent movie, he decided to get up and change the channel for me. Instead, my mom told him that it was real.

So it's a sad day. But a very patriotic day. We faced tragedy and we still stand strong. Maybe America isn't perfect. But it takes quite some character to go through something like that. And I think that says a lot.

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