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Illuminating Gracie by Lisa J. Temple

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Goodreads Summary

As an old woman's lifeless body lies on a cold stone floor, her soul stands before an angel who offers her a miraculous opportunity: the chance to do it all again. But that is easier said than done. In order to change the path her life has taken, she must put aside years of self-loathing and pain, so she can help the young girl she once was become the woman she should have been.

At 17 years old, Grace Bennett is a bitter young woman. Though blessed with a loving family, looks and brains to spare, she hides her light under a bushel, spending most of her time in the darkness of her mind with little more than sarcasm and self-pity to keep her company.

But things are about to change for Grace. While delivering food for her family's bed and breakfast, she turns onto a desolate dirt road and drives straight into her destiny.

It's on this isolated country lane that the damaged girl meets a strangely familiar old couple and two mysterious young men. Together the group fights the demons that surround Grace, and they teach her what it means to let her light shine.

"Illuminating Gracie" is, at once, a metaphorical tale of the fight between good and evil and a spiritual saga of one girl's journey from darkness into the light. If you liked "Twilight" and "The Hunger Games," you will love the story of Gracie.


I read this book so many months ago and I've been meaning to write this review for a while. But before I even get into the review, I need to comment on that last line of the blurb. First of all, Twilight and The Hunger Games are very totally different. I don't think they could be more different, honestly. So why they're being used to entice readers to read this book is beyond me. Is it referring the the actual books or the audience the books attracted or the fact that both books attracted a huge audience?

I don't get it. But enough about that.

As for the actual book, I enjoyed the beginning way more than I enjoyed the end. Mostly because I already knew who the old lady was. I don't know if I was supposed to know that from reading the blurb or not, so just in case, I won't say. But I thought it was obvious. So when it was revealed I was like, eh, saw that coming. Moved on.

The beginning was awesome, though. You really got to see Gracie for who she was and while she wasn't exactly... pleasant.... I could see that she had potential and I loved watching her change as a person.

But I don't remember the ending very well. I feel like it says a lot that I only remember some fire and a transformation and someone almost died or did die or thought about dying or maybe death wasn't even a part of it. I don't remember. I just remember thinking, oh. That was it?

It was interesting. I loved the concept. But the book didn't really hit it home, you know?

Still, you might like it. Hope you like it more than I did, at least.

Rating: 3 stars

Recommendation: if you want a good story about metamorphosis... go for it

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