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Deuce by Janine Caldwell

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Goodreads Summary

DEUCE is the epic conclusion to The Vortex Series where we learn the fates of tennis star, Cassie Moore, and time-traveling musician, Trent Astor.

At the end of Double Fault, we discover that everything will change for seventeen-year-old Cassie after she disappears into thin air. Together, she and Trent must figure out why she's jumping time and if she will be sent on further missions to the past, all while keeping it hidden from Cassie's family and friends.

However, all this secrecy causes Cassie's parents to suspect Trent is a bad influence on their daughter. They do everything in their power to keep them apart, making Cassie’s new circumstances nearly impossible to manage.

Meanwhile, it seems Trent and his sister, Lorelai, will never be safe from the greedy world and its hunger for Trent's power. A new force threatens to destroy the anonymity Trent has fought his entire life for unless he can stop this new opposition first. But every choice has a consequence, and Trent must face the most difficult choice of his life.

Set in contemporary Northern California, The Vortex Series is a teen romance for those who also enjoy a bit of science fiction and fantasy. Told in dual perspectives, we get an intimate view of both Cassie and Trent’s worlds. Family relationships, how they interconnect and drive our personalities, is the heart and soul of this YA time traveling novel.


Okay, so I liked the first two enough to read this one. And I finished this a few months ago. And I'm still not sure how to take it. It was exciting. I was hooked.

And then I was utterly pissed off and heartbroken.

Oh, I won't say what happened. But why did it have to happen? Why why why?

Ignoring the (horribly huge) thing that happened, it was good. It tied up all those loose ends. The ending was a real ending.

I have nothing else to say.

I'm still upset.

Rating: 3 stars

Recommendation:I'd definitely recommend it to those who love time travel

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