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Rematch by Janine Caldwell

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Goodreads Summary

Trent Astor is many things—orphan, runaway, musician. But what’s most extraordinary about Trent is that he’s a time traveler. His supernatural gift sends him on missions to the past to save unsuspecting victims from harm. However, when he fails to save the life of a young girl, his life changes in ways he could never have dreamed.

At eleven-years-old, Cassie Moore suffered through a horrific shooting. Tragically scarred from the ordeal, the once promising tennis prodigy was forced to throw away all hope of a future in tennis. Now, as she begins her senior year of high school, the past continues to haunt her. She struggles to find herself, her self-esteem at an all time low. If only she could resolve the past, she might be able to move on with her life. She never imagined that could be possible until she meets the gorgeous new student in her PE class.

DOUBLE FAULT is the 2nd book in The Vortex Series available now.


Time travel has been popping up more and more in YA, it seems. Personally, when I think of time travel, my mind goes directly to The Time Traveler's Wife. (Which is totally not YA. Clearly, I haven't read many time travel books. I can't think of any others off the top of my head right now.) When I was reading this book in particular, I kept getting reminded of The Time Traveler's Wife. I guess it's because of the romance mixed in with the time traveling. Some of the same personal issues were addressed - is it right for me to be with her when I can leave at any moment with little to no warning? Which is a very valid question. And true to form, the girl does not care one bit about that. But what I liked about Rematch was that it wasn't quite that cliche.

I was actually surprised by how much this book tackled. It had the romance, sure. But it touched on friendship, family, expectations, guilt, and overcoming difficult situations. 

The romance was not an entangling mess across time like TTTW. Trevor did meet Cassie when she was young, but it was the briefest of encounters (not a spoiler, it's the first chapter). And when they do meet again, she has a boyfriend (second chapter) and he just wants to know if/how he screwed up her life. So it was all normal, no weirdness beyond the fact that he saved her life a few years ago. And from there, it kind of evolved on its own. Was it slightly cliche? Yeah, he's hot and she's "average". But I still kind of liked it. They got to know each other. He genuinely cared for her, and not just because she was his mission once.

There was a friendship in this book, although I hate how it was shoved aside. There's some spoilers if I say more than that. I mean, it was a nice friendship. But it wasn't the point of the story. Which would be okay, if the friend hadn't tried so hard to, you know, be a friend. 

As for the family part, it did introduce her parents and her younger brother. We got glimpses of each one at some point or another. This is hard to explain without spoilers, but we basically see two sides of most of the people, her family included. I loved and hated that. Loved because it was interesting. Hated because dammit, everything was going so well.

But anyways.

The expectation Cassie had to live up to was basically her tennis career. And Trevor had to deal with the guilt of failing 11-year-old Cassie. And of course, they overcome these things. (Honestly, it's so hard to explain without giving away the entire second half of the book.)

Overall, I really liked everything the book explored. I like how it was explored. Were some parts a little cliche, a little rushed, a little forced for the sake of plot? Maybe. Maybe maybe maybe. But I feel like there wasn't too much of that. I very much appreciated what she did with this. And I definitely want more.

Rating: 3.5 stars

Recommendation: you need more time travel books in your life. Trust me.


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