Friday, May 2, 2014

Life of a Blogger (14)

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This is a feature created by Jessi over at Novel Heartbeat. Each week there will be a non-book-related topic that we can discuss. This is to give us a chance to get to know each other better(:
This week's topic is:

Bucket list

This is definitely a topic that interests me. I don't have an official one or anything. It's not anything I've ever written down before. So I'm going to wing it and see what my list looks like :D

* Go back to Seattle, Texas, and Hawaii
* Go to Italy
* Go to Ecuador
* Go horseback riding
* Get better at ice skating (I'd love to do some basic spins and stuff)
* Learn how to surf
* Learn how to skateboard
* Get better at Spanish
* Learn Italian
* Finish every novel/story idea I've come up with so far (about three big ones)
* Finally win at NaNoWriMo
* Learn  archery and own a bow and arrows
* Have my own library
* Own a dog
* Swim with dolphins
* Read bedtime stories to my kids and sing songs for them even though I suck at singing
* Learn how to make chicken and gnocchi soup
* Find the perfect macaroni and cheese that's not from Fresh and Easy
* Use a typewriter. Legitimately. For something other than work.
* Write a song. Because why not?
* Do something really amazing (not sure what yet)

And I'll stop there! Seems like a pretty solid list to me. I might be missing something, but oh well. I'm sure I'll do another bucket list post.

So how about you? What's on your bucket list?


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