Tuesday, April 29, 2014

W is for Wolfie

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An interview with me

Why didn't you use your real name?

There's something really mysterious and cool about not using your real name. I avoided it like the plague. That and my age. I started blogging pretty young and I thought I wouldn't be taken seriously if I revealed my real age.

Where did this name come from?
I like wolves.

Why do you like wolves?
Dude, they're cool.

When did you come up with the name?
Well, I had just turned 13 and I went a bit crazy making accounts - Facebook, Goodreads, and Blogger. I can't remember if I made up my Blogger or Goodreads account first. But basically I couldn't decide what to call myself, so I used it for both. I wanted to be slightly mysterious. And I really love wolves.

How did you come up with this blog?
Like I said, I was thirteen and a little account-happy. I found out you could make more than one blog on a Blogger account. So I made my "book" blog first. And then my writing blog (this one). I quickly abandoned my book blog in favor of this one.

Why did you favor this one?
I'm not really sure. I think it was the freedom. On the other blog, I felt like I could only talk about books. And here, I talk mostly about books, but there's a bunch of other stuff, too. Music, my personal writings, my personal life, questions, etc. 

Who is Woflie?
It's me, of course. But it's also a bit more than that. Wolfie is my voice, my opinion, a side of me I don't really reveal to others. I do talk about books with some people. Sometimes I mention the fact that I get books for free (won in contests, or for review), but other than that I avoid it. It's separate from my regular life. Wolfie is free in a way I am not. She is girl, of some age, out there in the blogosphere. She is a girl that talks about anything and everything and she loves it like that. She's everything I am, in a way that I'm not. It's weird, but that's how it is.


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