Monday, April 28, 2014

V is for Veracity

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Taken from Google


conformity to facts; accuracy.
"officials expressed doubts concerning the veracity of the story"

synonyms: truthfulness, truth, accuracy, correctness, faithfulness, fidelity; More
reputability, honesty, sincerity, trustworthiness, reliability, dependability, scrupulousness, ethics, morality, righteousness, virtuousness, decency, straightforwardness, goodness, probity

"we do not question the veracity of your story"

habitual truthfulness.
"voters should be concerned about his veracity and character"

Also known as a trait I don't attribute to many people. Least of all writers - particularly the amazing ones. Let's see if I can explain this one.

I don't consider myself a great writer. By any means. So feel free to disregard this completely.

But my point is this:

As a writer, there are a few great truths about human nature in general and certain types of people specifically. I think most people can agree with that. But being a writer, you tend to present those in a way that's realistic but not necessarily real. Does that make sense? When you're reading, say... Pride and Prejudice. Which has the very obvious themes of, well, pride and prejudice. Jane Austen sticks to the basic truths that people can be prideful and prejudiced to the point of blindness. But the story itself? Who is to say how true or real those characters are?

That's kind of my point. Hastily thought out that it is.

What do you think?


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