Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Offices

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More specifically, the law office I work at.

Yeah, you read that right. I'm seventeen and working at a law office. Admittedly, I just file and type, organize stuff, print stuff, fax stuff, etc. I learned how to use a typewriter. I learned what a bunch of different documents are for. And I learn a little bit more about people every time I hear the lawyer talk to her clients.

People are crazy. They do crazy things. Or know people who do crazy things. I don't want to get into any specifics. Just in case someone is reading this. Because you can never be too sure.

But I will say that every day I go in is something new. The lawyer I work for specializes in family law. So I get to see how messy the divorces and custody issues get. It's not fun. And I'm just filing the paperwork for it. I can't even imagine having to be either of the spouses, or the children caught in the middle.

I'll admit to being nosy, but it's in the pursuit of knowledge I swear.

As a writer, this stuff is gold. Obviously, I'm not getting the full story. Or even full exposure to the case. But the tidbits I do get? My imagination goes crazy. And I love it.

My parents insist I'm lucky because I work in an office. As opposed to being a waitress, or doing anything in the food business. As opposed to working in retail. As opposed to manual labor - although I insist that I sometimes have to move around boxes. And let me tell you - a decent sized box filled with paper can be pretty heavy. Especially when it's on the top shelf and you're the height of the average American woman.

But I'll admit it's nothing like actual physical labor. So yes, I am very lucky. My boss is pretty great, probably because she only has two workers. So she can be friendly and comfortable with us.

Whether I really want to go into law or not is something I will not address here :D


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