Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Nonsense

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As a writer, and as a weirdo in general, I feel like this is a legitimate subject.

Why do I feel like this?

Because as a weirdo, I do weird things in an attempt to see how people react. Do I get weird looks? A surprised chuckle? Do I get slapped across the face?

The latter has never happened, maybe because I'm a girl. But the point remains. If I ever do something that warrants a slap across the face, I'd be interested to know why what I said or did would illicit such a response.

Fancy way of saying: why do people do what they do? How do they react to certain things?

Both of which are things I wonder on a daily basis. Because inside my heart is a little writer, clacking away on a typewriter because he/she is vintage like that. (Call me crazy, because I think typewriters are cool. Just goes to show you. I am young and clearly don't know the hassle of having to rely only on a typewriter.)

So the typewriter in me loves nonsense. Because you never really know a person until you know how they react to your nonsense.

What do I mean by nonsense?

It's pretty broad. It could be wondering aloud about a general uncomfortable topic. It could be making weird faces, make whale noises, skipping randomly, singing loud and off-key.

You get the idea?

So tell me: how do you deal with nonsense? What do you think qualifies as nonsense? Is this post nonsense?


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