Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Laziness and other Life Lessons

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But mostly about laziness. You see, I haven't been around all that long. So claiming that I know a lot about life seems a bit hypocritical. I'm sure everything I've learned, you've all learned and more. So I'll leave it at - I won't claim to know anything you don't.

Plus talking about these sorts of things tends to get too personal. And I'm not in any sort of mood for that!

So let's talk about laziness -

I am lazy. That is not a good thing. It's generally accept because I dare say that most people are lazy. Particularly younger people. I think I'm lazy, but I could be worse. Not that that's any excuse. It just is what it is.

Pertaining to my laziness... I'm working on it. I honestly don't have much time to be lazy, yet I manage to do it every now and then. I hate saying it, but blogging has become my productive way of being unproductive. Not quite the same issue as laziness, but I think it's related. Why do, say, math homework when you could be reading or reviewing or checking out other people's blogs. Just, why?

Why do today would you could do tomorrow?

This is particularly an issue for me on any day that I don't have school the next day. Weekends. Spring/winter breaks. Summer vacation. I AM TOTALLY UNPRODUCTIVE.


I assume it's because I decided to become incredibly lazy. So I watch tv. Or read. (doesn't sound lazy, but I read when I should probably be doing something else. See: homework. Or laundry.) And lately I've been trying to get into a whole mess of stuff - calligraphy (of the amateur type, I'm not artistic or used to writing pretty), writing, ice skating. And a new addition! My friend insists on taking me surfing. Which I am totally up for. 

But when???

That's the question of the day.

Pretend it starts with the letter L.


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