Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Impressions

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This is going to be one of those posts that could be WAY TOO PERSONAL, if I actually revealed anything at all.

I'm not revealing anything you weirdos.

Anyways, a while back, I randomly talked to some guy I knew, but didn't really know, you know? It was small talk stuff. Saw him maybe once after that and that was it. Well, that's fine because I have a boyfriend and I'm busy and I'm weird with new people.

Well, we randomly started texting on Friday. And we've been texting on and off since then. Now. I saw him yesterday and we did small talk stuff again. And I'm texting him right now. And I guess my point with all that is - people are so different from what they seem.

Rather cliche and obvious, but bear with me.

I've always had issues with guys. I'm sure they're pretty standard girl issues - like this one too much, don't like that one, don't think much of that one. Shallow standards or not, I think those are universal girl problems. I've only ever had one boyfriend in my entire life. I'm not an expert with this stuff. But I've met a lot of people (as I'm sure you have, too). And I generally like talking to guys more than I like talking to girls. One, they seem to be more interesting. Two, sometimes they surprise you. Three, no unnecessary drama. So I do talk to a lot of guys. And half the time I'm worried they'll think I'm too girly ('cause, you know, I am a girl). The other half I'm like, whatever, because I'm hardly forcing them to talk to me. I must be interesting enough to talk to.

Back to impressions.

When interacting with a guy, I try to act neutral as possible. It's a precaution because my boyfriend worries and, well, that worries me. But it's hard when you just meet someone. Because you don't know them, so you're not sure what they mean, or how they react, or anything. With this guy, I have no clue what's going on. He seems interesting enough, but it's hard to tell. Honestly, I've given up on close guy friends. I thought I had one and then things got weird and I haven't talked to him seriously in over a year. I haven't talked to him at all in a few months. But I don't want to get into that.


That was supposedly the point of all this.


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