Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Daily Life

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A while back Melanie from YA Midnight Reads did a post about what a usual day is for her. And I've been wanting to do something like that, but could never justify it.

So here it is!

6 am: wake up

6:10-7 am: get ready for school
(Notice that I give myself an extra ten minutes to fully wake up)

7:15 am: arrive at school

7:45 am: school officially starts

2:43 pm: school officially ends

On Mondays and Wednesdays, I work from 3:30-5:30. Every other day, I usually get home by 3:30.

Whenever I get home: dinner

After dinner: homework

Around 7: take a shower, then go back to homework

Around 8: eat a snack then start using the computer

Until 10, I'm alternately doing homework and blogging/checking out blogs/on twitter/checking my email. 

If I'm lucky I'm done with all this by ten and then go to sleep. But that is never consistent. All last week, I went to be around midnight. But other than that, it varies. Anytime before midnight is like a gift to me. Honestly.

So there's a regular day in my life! Notice there's no time slot for reading. That's because I either read during school, or after school while waiting for my mom to oil me up. There aren't really other times for me to read. So it's pretty amazing how much I actually do read. Ten books a month (approx) when most of my days are like that. Granted, I do have the weekends. But still.

So how about you? What's an average day like for you? Does it vary, or do you like routine?


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