Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Birthdays, Blogoversaries, and Boyfriends

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So mine is coming up! I'm excited! I've got a few books waiting to be ordered off of Amazon :D
I'm not actually going to get them, but it's nice to think that I might...
Besides that, I might possibly be getting a new phone. I've got my eyes on a Samsung S3 Mini because it's pretty freakin cool. Not that I need another thing to distract me, but... Still like the possibility.

The day after my birthday marks Writer Person's 4th blogoversary! It's incredible to think it's been around that long. Especially because this is my 6th consecutive month of blogging. But it has. And I want to celebrate that! So be on the lookout for something awesome(:

It's a "B" words and I thought to include it because another yearly thing is coming up. And it involves my boyfriend. Sadly, that yearly thing starts with an A but oh well.
Our anniversary is coming up! Which is so crazy, because who has anniversaries in high school?! But we do because we've been together almost two years and it's been great. I still can't believe it. Two years ago, I never would have expected anything to happen between us . Isn't it funny how life works?


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