Friday, March 14, 2014

Writing Adventures # 7

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This is a feature for Writer Person. Here I showcase little writings that I have written and share what I've been up to writing-wise. The writings may be recent, old, relating to book I'm working on, or a random scene that came to me.

So I finally got some writing done! Oh, that sounds like I accomplished a lot. I really didn't, but I was excited nevertheless. A mini scene just flowed out of me and it was pretty beautiful. Plus, I think I finally nailed my character. I think what's confusing about her is that she changes so much. I can already tell that her enthusiasm for life is quickly going to fade as she finds herself in the midst of an intergalatic war - okay,  I didn't just say all that. But even if I did, that sentence isn't necessarily accurate so HA! My plot remains a secret!

But in all seriousness, this character has been giving me some trouble and that's because I want her to have always been this kickass kind of person, but well... she's not. And I find it amazing that it took me years to figure it out. Don't get me wrong. She's crazy talented, but she was a little girl once, too. Even if she did grow up fast.


The other reason I'm so excited about this scene is because it hints at the sci-fi aspect of the book without actually giving it away quite yet. And it totally fits my backstory and the second plot. It's got the Now and Then thing going on, but the Then parts are just snippets here and there.

Which actually brings me to a problem I have while writing - my scenes are always short. Always. My chapters are ridiculously short. Always. I have no idea how to stay on one track for an extended period of time and I know how absolutely awful it is. I think part of the problem is I'm so eager to get down my millions of ideas that I skip around a lot. This is something I noticed today when I was trying to write the dialogue and adjust a certain part of the backstory. But I have no idea what to do for it. I have lists and outline galore,  but I have trouble with following with A all the way through before I want  to jump to B. I guess that's lack of discipline and time on my part. That's my next obstacle to tackle. Sadly, it's for the next day I'll have time to write. Which will probably not be soon. But I'm feeling hopeful. And it's a nice feeling.


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