Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wolfie's Wondering: The Virtue of Patience

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This is a weekly meme for Writer Person where I recap my posts, what I've been reading, and highlight some upcoming posts I have planned. (I'm still debating a name change)

I've been so busy lately that I haven't even had time to think about this much. But when I'm not busy being busy with school, I think about it a lot.

What do I think about?


Or, if it is out:


See what I mean? I'm very impatient about these things. The most recent examples are when I finished Divergent and The Darkest Minds. With Divergent, I just wanted to know more about the world. And I got Insurgent a couple weeks ago. I haven't read it yet, but I have it so I'm okay for now. But when I finished The Darkest Minds I was just about dying because THAT FREAKING ENDING (More on that in my review tomorrow.) I seriously could not believe it. At all. Why would Alexandra Bracken just leave me hanging like that? WHY?!

And I STILL don't have the book. It kills me a bit on the inside. I really want to know what happens. It's not even cool. I am upset. I will buy this book next month, no matter what. But for now, I am impatiently waiting.

So what's with the title?

Well, I'm sure you've all heard patience is a virtue. Or something like that. 

I was impatiently waiting for The Fiery Heart and Daylighters. They were both worth the wait, but now I'm impatiently waiting for Silver Shadows. Because of another dang cliffhanger. (They always happen when you least want them to.)

I'm sure from an author's POV, it's all different. They're frantically typing away, trying to satisfy their fans. Meanwhile their fans are just about dying because they CANNOT WAIT ANOTHER STINKING DAY.

But they have to, because you can't make an author write faster. Which is my point. We hate waiting, because we want more of the characters we fell for, and the world we grew to love. But there is a real person behind these stories and they have lives, too. So you almost can't complain that it's a year between books. Well, you could, because Rachel Caine comes out with at least two books a year (as far as I could tell.) But not everyone is like that. So we readers must wait patiently until the book is available or until we can get them.

How do you deal with waiting for the next book?


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