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[TOUR STOP AND GIVEAWAYS] Peaceful Genocide by J.A. Reynolds

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Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult


Seventeen-year-old Mitzi and Deuce can recall how many drops of water were on a leaf from a rainstorm five years ago and conversations from last week, month, or year. They have the ability to remember every second of everyday—since birth.

This gift has blessed Mitzi with a history of being sexually assaulted by researchers and abused by her own parents. She trusts no one. Likes no one. Deuce, however, is a high school standout. His gift has made him a superstar on the football field and his memory promises him endless opportunities.

When they both end up at an Alzheimer’s research facility under false proviso, they quickly realize this place isn’t what it seems to be. They endure crazy military-style tests, are forcefully drugged, and complete real-life simulations that haunt them.

Mitzi and Deuce have no idea what the researchers want to do with them or their memories. But one thing is clear: the researchers will go to any lengths to get what they want.

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This concept was pretty amazing. And the book was well-written. And the characters were great. And the storyline was entertaining and moved along at a decent pace.

My only real issue with this book was that it was in third person, and that tends to be a hit or miss with me. I either connect right away.. Or I don't. And this one took a while for me to get into. But that doesn't detract from the story or the characters at all.

I liked Mitzi. She scared me, sure. I mean, she tried to kill her dad. Er, that's scary. But somehow I found myself actually kinda liking her. She had a tough life and she's lashing out. Not an excuse, but understandable. And she was kind of kick-ass. Her resilience was admirable, especially where Deuce was concerned. Which brings me to Deuce.

At first, I was a little thrown off. I don't do well with multiple people with the same name. And Deuce is a name I know from Ann Aguirre's Razorland trilogy. She's the mc in that series. He's one of the main characters in Peaceful Genocide. (It's all very confusing when you put it like that. Much like the Sawyers from Me After You and How to Love.) But sure enough, I took him for the character he was. I always connect more with the guy characters, anyways. So that actually wasn't so bad. While he was a little cocky for my taste, I liked that he had potential that actually pulled through. It took him WAY TOO LONG to agree with Mitzi, but it was understandable considering his personality. So that was fine.

If you respect substance, you will read this. Because clearly genocide is a bad thing, so what the heck is J.A. Reynolds doing by trying to say it's peaceful? Seriously, I love her just for thinking of this. If I lived a hundred lifetimes, I would never be able to come up with this. Ever. This is diabolic. I love it. Er, I love reading about it. If people actually try doing this... We know who to blame. (Just kidding.)

One thing I loved about this was the way she kept me guessing. It was definitely a thriller. You think one thing, and then BAM. Nevermind! You're wrong, and here's why! I love this kind of stuff and I could definitely use more of it.

I just wish they didn't have cliffhangers like that. I am so impatient. I don't know if I can wait for more.


Rating: 4 stars

Recommendation: this is for those who like sci-fi and debatable topics


JA Reynolds lives in the Midwest with a normal family, raising a normal daughter, with some abnormal pets. It’s extraordinarily ordinary.

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