Sunday, March 2, 2014

About the A to Z Challenge...

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I know it's getting late. And maybe I should save this for tomorrow so I don't have to worry about a post tomorrow. But screw it, I want to be spontaneous.

And I want to introduce my plan for April.

I know, I know. March just started!

Well my calendar for March is filling up and my calendar for April is suspiciously blank. Why is that worrisome? Because of the A to Z Challenge, of course!

(Check out the official site for more info)

Granted, I like to be spontaneous for my A to Z posts. But I'm trying to be more organized with my life. And I don't know what to do for those 26 letters. Should I do book reviews by letters? I tried that on my original book blog and I ultimately failed. Then I jumped over to my writing blog and well.. the rest is history!

Kind of.

I have the honor of saying I participated in the first ever A to Z Challenge in 2010. Because I'm just that dang cool. And the person who started it may or may not be my uncle. (Hint: he is. Just check out the "A to Z Challenge" labeled posts and you will see this is very true.) I tried it again in 2011 but only got about halfway through when I disappeared on a year-long hiatus. I made a marvelous comeback in 2011 but disappeared again after that. And I came back in September 2013 and now the rest is history.

I am determined to get through another A to Z Challenge. And I will not disappear. I will follow it through, all 26 letters. And I will be doing an amazing reflection post. No doubt about it.

So I'm excited and cautiously optimistic. And I just had to share this with you guys.

It's because of the A to Z Challenge that I started blogging and got my first 60 or so followers. I'm not sure how many of them actually click back here. But it is what it is. They stuck by. And then I disappeared. I have only myself to blame.

But I'm back!

And I'm in full blogging mode.

So you'll be seeing more of me.


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