Monday, March 3, 2014

A New Hobby I'm Trying to Pick Up...

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Yeah, that's right! The art of writing. Sounds pretty perfect for me, don't you think? I love writing. And I want to be an architect, so I better be decent with lines!

Hence, I was practicing some sketching and calligraphy-type stuff this weekend. I basically tried drawing K.K. from Animal Crossing and some platypus mural I saw in San Diego that serves as my lock screen on my iPod.

As far as my "calligraphy", I found some fonts and other calligraphy stuff online and tried copying it as best I could. I know it's all copying, but I need practice with that first, before I just create stuff myself. I'm not as original as I'd like to think I am. And practice makes perfect so... 

My "Calligraphy"

(Some not finished, obviously in the testing phase)

I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch but... I feel like this is the start of something new. Which is an unfortunate statement because I just finished watching Beastly. If anyone connects the dots to that one, feel free to leave a comment saying how clever I am. (I'm not...)

So yeah! I guess I'll give you guys an update about how this goes! Hopefully well :D

Have you been trying to learn/do something new?


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