Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Writing Adventures #5

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This is a Wednesday feature for Writer Person. Here I showcase little writings that I have written and share what I've been up to writing-wise. The writings may be recent, old, relating to book I'm working on, or a random scene that came to me.

So I had no time to come up with anything for this week. I don't want to post another poem, either. So how about some VWRP?

What is VWRP you might ask? Well, it stands for Vampire/Werewolf Role Play. Sound familiar? Mayhaps you've seen the little page on my blog titled the exact same thing. If so, have you checked it out? Have you noticed the section saying "New"? That's because every now and then I update it. And while I might forget to update it right now, I will post a new section right here for you. Warning: The whole thing is pretty long. But if you read it bit by bit, it's not so bad. Be aware that it's also unedited and it was written by two thirteen-year-olds. And I wrote Kat's POV. Just saying.


He was kissing her hungrily and forcibly. He was hurting her. All of a sudden, I could somehow hear her thoughts and feel her feelings. *Steph please save me.* She couldn't take it. She never wanted to mate with him, EVER! She despised his every cell. He was going WAY too far.
"Steph!" She cried. Then Jared smashed his mouth to hers while he tried to rip her clothes off. Oh God. It was hideous. Well, not Kat. Jared and the fact that he thought she actually wanted to have sex with him, wanted him, wanted to look at him.
I ran he fastest I ever ran in my life. *I can't take it anymore!* I was coming to her as fast as I could.
I sprang at Jared. He staggered backwards and let go of Kat. He warped into a hideous wolf. Not that all Werewolves were ugly, just him.
He jumped and knocked me over. He leaped onto my chest and scratched angrily at me. My shirt was ripping to shreds, but every time he scratched me, it healed within seconds, so no real damage was inflicted.
I pushed him off me. And ran to him, my teeth bared. He pounced at me, but I countered the jump. I leaped onto his back and sank my fangs into his neck. I decided to let this be painful. I sucked up his blood. His terrible, foul, bitter blood. It reflected his personality. When I tasted no more blood, I withdrew my head from his neck. Jared collapsed to the floor, dead. He slowly shifted into a human. I noticed the two holes on his neck. The holes that saved Kat's and my lives.

Oh. My. Lord. Steph. He was so beautiful and graceful. So fast and efficient. I wanted to help. But then I wouldn`t have Steph like this. Yes, he was somewhat scary and cruel, but aren`t I sometimes? I`m part animal, he`s a bloodsucker. But we`re both human. Or at least the best parts of us are.
So I watched. In amazement. Loving him all the more. *I guess you`re forgiven.* I thought after he finished. He looked towards me. His eyes angry, dangerous, beautiful. Tears stung in my eyes. Steph would never have done what Jared did to me. Then I remembered. My clothes were all torn. I didn`t care enough to get up. My body hurt to much. Sitting up was hard enough. I couldn`t take it anymore. He was looking at me. I wanted him to come. To hold me. And even if he was lying, to tell me that everything would be okay. He walked towards me slowly, unsure. Tears streamed down my face. Would he still want me? After what happened with Jared? It hurt to think about it.
“Why would you think such a thing, Kat?” he said softly. I closed my eyes, tears still running down my cheeks. He got on his knees. Pulled me close. I wrapped my arms around him. Buried my face in his chest. Cried. He stroked my hair. Softly. Lovingly. My clothes were torn apart. My body violated. My emotional stability in ruins. All because of Jared. But Steph didn`t care. He loved me. He`d help me through this. “I love you, Steph.” I whispered quietly. Still crying. Still holding on.

I looked at Kat. Her clothes were ripped, she couldn't move. I slowly walked toward her. Tears streamed down her beautiful face, causing me a universe of pain. she wasn't sure if I would still want her.
"Why would you think such a thing, Kat?" I got on my knees and pulled her close, so nothing would ever happen to us again.
She wrapped her arms around me and buried her face in my chest, and let it all out. I stroked her hair. She felt violated and unstable. All because of Jared. I hated him and was glad I killed him, but I felt like a murderer. It was a terrible feeling, but Kat felt worse. I didn't care about what Jared did. My love for Kat would overcome everything. We had an undying love. Nothing would ever change that.
"I love you, Steph."
"I love you more."

I fell asleep in his arms. Safe. Warm. Loved.
I woke up in his arms.
We were surrounded by Wolves.


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