Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wolfie's Wondering: What's the Point?

This is my weekly feature on Writer Person that is partially discussion post, partially question post, and partially observation post. It changes with my mood and whatever my pressing concern is.

My goal here is not to sound depressed. Because I'm not. Maybe discouraged. But not depressed.

The thing is, I have all these great discussion topics. I want to give my opinion and observations. I want people to respond. Problem? I'm not convinced that anybody is actually reading this.

So what do I do? Do I post all my good discussions when I come up with them? In the hopes someone will see it and maybe comment and start a conversation? Do I wait until I have followers that comment? Is it that my posts are super lame and that's why no one comments? (Other than LoaB posts, sometimes.)

I don't know what it is, guys. But I'm not sure I can continue these discussion posts without any... feedback, I guess. So I'm thinking of putting these on hold until I find myself some bloggy friends.

I don't mean to sound depressed. Please don't think I'm complaining or ungrateful or anything. I'm just saying. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself with this thing.

So maybe Sunday reviews?


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  1. I like the Wolfie's Wondering discussions and think that they are very interesting and helpful, but I understand how you feel. Sometimes I get discouraged by the lack of comments or followers, but then I have to remind myself that I'm doing this because I like to, not for comments and followers. Maybe your followers are like me and have have a fear of commenting - sometimes I'm afraid my comments will make me sound stupid!

    1. I guess it's because I'm finally opening up a little. You know, commenting and talking to others. So I guess I feel uninteresting when none of them check out what I'm up to here..
      But yeah, I see your point. Whether people comment or not is almost irrelevant - I've got stuff I want to put out there. So I'll see what I do about these discussions.
      Thanks for commenting (:


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