Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wolfie's Wondering: Scheduling

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This is my weekly feature on Writer Person that is partially discussion post, partially question post, and partially observation post. It changes with my mood and whatever my pressing concern is.

So I've been having a lot of trouble with this - on one hand, I like having posts scheduled. On the other hand, I have no time to schedule.

It kills me a little bit on the inside.

When I first started Writer Person, I blogged on a whim. Little 13 year old me had a helluva lot of free time apparently. But 16 year old me? Not as much. So I have to be careful where I do spend my time.

School, obviously, is a priority. After that, I have to split my time between blogging, reading, writing, and my boyfriend.

I'm only succeeding where my reading is concerned.

As far as my blogging goes, I wish I could post on a whim. But that's a scary thought to me now because I want to post every day. And if I can't think of something, or don't have time to think of something, I want some back up.

Which is why I want to schedule. Because then I can relax and let Blogger post it for me, without me worrying if I'll finish the post before the day is over.

But I need time to schedule.

So what do you do?

I, Wolfie, am wondering:

How do you schedule?

- Wolfie


P.S: if somebody could help me make a little image for this, I'd totally appreciate it!
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