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Mini Reviews: Bloodlines Series 1-3

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My mini reviews don't include ratings. They merely summarize my feelings for a series, or up to a certain point in the series.

Background: After I finished Vampire Academy, I was devastated. Heartbroken. My whole world was shattered!
Okay, maybe it wasn't all that bad. I've always been pretty dramatic. But still. It sucked and I was ready to hate Richelle Mead forever and never ever forgive her.

And then I heard about her spin-off series.

And then I heard Adrian would be in it.

And then I thought: You've got one more chance, Richelle Mead. Don't blow it this time.


Published: 2011
Read: 2011?
I must've read this during my hiatus with Goodreads and blogging and basically anything internet/book related. So I have no clue when I read this, or what my actual rating is for this. I just put a three star rating right now, because I don't remember loving it (that freaking ending!) but I knew I wanted more. SO MUCH MORE. I do have a bunch of quote from Bloodlines, most of them Adrian-related. Because, damn, that guy is amazing. And it hurt to see him all heartbroken, but then he started being his old self again and like - sawoooon. I'm not even kidding.
And although I was skeptical about Sydney as the mc, I remember liking her from the beginning. Totally different from Rose, but that's not really a bad thing. I could already tell that I was going to connect with Sydney - she just reminded me of a blonde prettier version of myself. Haha.

Adrian quotes!

"I changed my mind, I'll take you up on helping me get a job."
I almost swerved into oncoming traffic. Few things from him could have surprised me more - and he said pretty surprising things on a regular basis.
"That was fast. Are you serious?'
"As much as I ever am."

Adrian: "You look confused."
Sydney: "I think I'm just overthinking things."
Adrian: *nods solemnly* "That's why I try never to do it."

"He was a fool, clearly. You're a sunning, classy woman. Just wait. He'll be sorry."

"I don't suppose that she just gave you the job based on looks alone?"
"Why, Sage, you sweet talker."
"That's not what I meant! What happened?"
"I told the truth."

"Okay, even I can admit that's pretty cute."
I found myself overanalyzing the comment. what had he meant even he could admit it? That I was cute for a human? Or that I had just met some kind of Adrian hot girl criteria?

The Golden Lily
Published: 2012
Read: ???
So I don't have any specific feelings for this one. At least, not any that I remember. Besides the ending of course. That's where Richelle Mead likes to screw with her readers (particularly Adrian fans *ahem*). But other than that, I don't remember much. I'd think of this as a filler book, in a retrospective way. All I know is it was interesting enough for me to want more. Whether is was all Adrian, or a mix of him and Sydney, I'm not sure. Although I suspect that this is where I really started to like Sydney, just because of how badly I reacted to her decision at the end of the book. So there's that. And I'm sure there was some plot here. I just can't remember. Especially what with all the plot in the next couple books. Seriously, it gets crazy. This is just the beginning.

The Indigo Spell
Published: 2013
Read: 2013
I honestly had no idea this book was out until I saw it in the store, sometime around my birthday that year. I mean, I literally saw it, couldn't believe it for a second, and immediately bought it. I could not resist it. I had checked out the first two from the library, but I bought this on a whim. I think that speaks volumes.
This also has one of those messed-up endings. And this one was AMAZING until it WASN'T because DAMN IT ALL, Richelle Mead. You are cruel, even when you are being awesome.
I really got attached to Sydney in this book. I mean, yes, her decision still pissed me off. Because HELLO, how do you resist Adrian? But still, I understood her. Even when I wanted to smack her. And of course, Adrian was all over this book. So *sa-woon*.
Did I mention that he's amazing?
I assure you, I haven't mentioned it enough.

I know I'm focusing on Adrian in all of these. Sorry about that. BUT IT'S FREAKING ADRIAN.

Okay, I'm done now.

What I really love about the Bloodlines series in general is the continuation of a world we're already familiar with - with some of the minor characters we didn't know enough about - with some issues that weren't nearly explored enough. With Sydney's POV, Richelle Mead had the opportunity to go into the magical explanations of her world. So if you liked VA, you should definitely continue on. And if you didn't like VA, maybe you should give this one a shot. Sydney and Rose are about as different from each other as it gets. And Bloodlines focuses more on action and stuff-that-happens in this world. Even though I emphasized Adrian, romance doesn't dominate the plot. Even though I almost want it to. Because ADRIAN.

Alright, I'm done here.


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