Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life of a Blogger (8)

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This is a feature created by Jessi over at Novel Heartbeat. Each week there will be a non-book-related topic that we can discuss. This is to give us a chance to get to know each other better(:
This week's topic is:

Plans for the future

So I'll try to keep it short this time, since I have a tendency to go off and be boring!

The way I see it, a few things can happen:

1. I can finish a novel before I turn 18 and maybe it'll be so impressive (especially for my age) that someone wants to publish it and make it a big deal. Then I'll be so rich I won't have to do anything but keep writing and improving and publishing books. I'll work at home and maybe get married and have a few kids who will grow up loving books.

2. I can graduate high school and go to college and get a degree in something useful, like some sort of computer engineering, or creative, like architecture, or something math-related, like accounting. Then I can go on to be self-employed somehow and work from home and get married and have a couple kids.

3. Same as number 2 except I have to get up early because I don't work at home *sigh*

4. Leave it all behind and get my huge house in the woods that I build from scratch

4. Marry a rich guy and never have to worry about anything but my writing.

5. Same as number 2, but I'll be single and maybe adopt a kid. And a dog.

6. Travel the world, maybe writing or taking pictures, and not have to worry about people.

Be the first one off the planet when we start colonizing other planets. Die a (quick, but) glorious death.

The only things I need: family, books, internet access, coffee, friends

Not necessarily in that order.

How about you? What are your plans for the future?


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