Thursday, February 6, 2014

Life of a Blogger (7)

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This is a feature created by Jessi over at Novel Heartbeat. Each week there will be a non-book-related topic that we can discuss. This is to give us a chance to get to know each other better(:
This week's topic is:

If You Could Live Anywhere

Where would I live?

That is such an unbelievably hard question to answer.

I live in the greater LA area. I've always assumed I would live my whole life in this general area. Whether I go off to college out-of-state or not, I want to come back here. This is my home, you know? The weather is bipolar, but on any given day I can decide if I want to go to the mountains or the beach - theoretically speaking. I don't drive, so I really can't do that. But someday I'll appreciate the option.

As far as fantasy homes, though. I'm a bit torn. I don't think I'm a big city sort of girl - I could probably handle Seattle or San Francisco, but the actual city of Los Angeles? New York? Houston? Nah. I'm good.

What draws me to Seattle and San Francisco is the weather and the waterfronts. It's pretty cold in both places. And it rains a lot in Seattle, supposedly. When I went up there it was dry and sunny. The city must have realized Southern Californians were in town, or something. Even the tour guide said that it's usually not that sunny so many days in a row. As for San Francisco, I love the bridge, I love Fisherman's Wharf, I love Ghiradelli's. The hills scare me. So I would probably not own a car. But other than that - I love it up there.

The only reason I would consider living in Houston is if my cousin still lives there if I get accepted to Rice. Lots of if's there. One, my cousin may or may not move back because she and her husband are going to have a baby and she wants to live closer to her mom. Two, I'd have to apply and get accepted to Rice. University. I can't even seriously contemplate that. I feel so inadequate. I've been through Rice. That is quite a school, let me tell you.

The other city I would consider living in for college (besides the SoCal area) is New Orleans. Do you know what university is in New Orleans? That's right. Tulane University. Why do I want to get into all those expensive schools? What's wrong with me? Anyways, I wouldn't mind living in New Orleans for those four years of college. I'd be in the other LA - Louisiana.

It's also a far-fetched dream of mine to own a summer home in Italy! Haha, it sounds so naive to admit it. But it is a nice thought!

Which brings me to my alternate style of living - borderline rural! I say borderline because I want to be far away from the cities, but I still want neighbors. But I want horses and a big house, with some sort of pool house and a pool that looks more like a pond. Yup. That sounds like the life. Fireplaces and warm couches and a huge library.

I'm such a dreamer.

So to answer the question - if I could live anywhere I'd chose that last option. It sounds so... peaceful, in a way. And it'd certainly be a fun place to raise some kids - imagine growing up like that? Am I the only one attracted to that sort of life?

But realistically, I'll always come back to LA. I think this is where I belong.


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