Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Today is the Day I Write

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Hey everybody! *waves excitedly*
So the title is a biiiiiit misleading... No actual writings today. But this is what I intend to label my posts on the days I actual do have writings to share!

Many of my early posts are short writings, character summaries, and such. It's nothing official, but it's a way to get my ideas out there and get feedback. So I'll accept anything, positive, negative, whatever.

And if you have something you want to broadcast here... I don't have much of an audience, but I can always dream, right? 

How's this going to work, you ask?
(Oh, you didn't? Let's pretend you did...)
Well, sometime during the week, I will be bored during class. Sometimes this happens when I don't have a book on me. *gasp!* But other times I just get the urge to write, and so I do.

And on Wednesdays, I will showcase whatever it is that my mind came up with during the week.

Or, I will dig into some old notebooks and find some random poem or other. Granted, all my poems are lame. So maybe there won't be poetry here. But don't be surprised if some does appear.
(Ha! A rhyme!)


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