Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mission: Accomplished and My Very First Giveaway

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Yup, that's right. My Mission: Impossible is now Mission: Accomplished.
What was my Mission: Impossible again?
Can you guess?

Go on, guess!

Have you figured it out yet?

How about now?

Okay, if you haven't figured it out, here it is:

I wrote 7 reviews in 7 days last week

Look through my archive and see for yourself!
A review a day from last Sunday to yesterday.
It was craziness and I doubt I'll be pulling off anything like that any time soon.
So in honor of that!
I'm going to host my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!

*jumps up and down in excitement for you guys*


Since one of the very first giveaways I ever won was a legit little raffle with a YouTube video and everything, I'm going to do the exact same thing. Little slips of real paper in some sort of box or something. And I'll post a little video showing my drawing the winners.

Here's how it's going to work:

Comment: +1
Follow my blog (GFC): +1
Follow my blog (Bloglovin'): +1
Follow my blog (email): +2
Follow me on Twitter: +2

How to Enter:
Leave a comment with the following information for your entries.
blah blah blah 
Following: GFC (username, please follow publicly) Bloglovin (link to profile) email (email) twitter (username)

If you win, you get a book of your choice from the books I reviewed last week! Yay!
And whatever book you choose, I will also buy for myself. (That's so I don't have to decide for myself which one to buy first!)
***Note: Some are ONLY available in e-copy format. That's something to consider if you win.

Physical books: Damselfly, Luminary (or Anomaly, if you'd prefer to have the first book), Heart Breaths, Branded, The Sorcery Code
E-copy only: Salt, Me After You
AND because I loved Flawless so much, I want it to be a part of my very first giveaway. So you can also chose an e-copy of Flawless if you'd like.
AND since my review of Psycho Inside Me goes live tomorrow, that is an option as well.
So nine options, you guys!

Again, will be chosen in the physical world, as a slip of paper with whatever username you used to comment.
How many winners?
I haven't quite decided on that yet. I'm hoping three winners, but that remains to be seen.



I hate age restrictions, but you MUST be at least 13 to win.
And this is US ONLY if you want a physical copy. If you're fine with an e-copy, I don't care where you're from.

I will email the winner(s) by February 8. Just in case, I'll also mention you on Twitter. Check back here if you're really paranoid. I'll add the winner(s) at the bottom of this post.

Why should you be paranoid? A new winner will be chosen on February 8 if I don't hear back from you! You have been warned!

Sound good?

Yay! Good luck you guys! :D


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