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Mini Reviews: Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

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So I read all these books a while ago. My memory may be fuzzy on some of the details, but my thoughts are still there.
Background: I read Vampire Academy when I was in 6th grade. Shortly after I read Twilight.
Think about that for a second.
Do you see where I'm coming from? 

Vampire Academy
Published: 2007
Read: 2009
Like I mentioned before, after I read Twilight (although I can't remember if it was just Twilight, or the whole series), I was on the search for more vampires. It was because of this book that my dislike for Twilight began. I mean, seriously. Compare this to Twilight. The MC is way more kick ass. There's actually action and Dimitri was totally swoon-worthy.  I'll admit I wasn't too convinced by him. But I liked him more than I ever liked Edward.
And I've always been a sucker for world building. And this had quite a bit of that. It went over the history of Strigoi, Moroi, Dhampirs. The Strigoi were actually dangerous. And the Moroi had cool elemental powers. And Dhampirs were just badasses.
I was so hooked. I wanted more. I went on to see what else Richelle Mead had in store. 

Frost Bite
Published: 2008
Read: 2009
I didn't know this at the time, but this was the introduction to my favorite character ever. The one and only character that ever managed to steal my heart so completely. I know that sounds weird, but it's so freaking true.
Other than Adrian, I don't really remember much about this book. I know they were at a ski lodge (duh, just look at the cover. And remember where Adrian met Rose.) I know it was because of the Strigoi attacks and such. And I remember a scene with Adrian and perfume bottles. Right? And then there was the whole thing with Mason that I won't get into because it will totally ruin the ending for those of you who haven't read it. But other than that. Not too much I remember. Except for the fact that I obviously continued. I wanted so much more.

Shadow Kiss
Published: 2008
Read: 2009
Thinking back to this book, I mostly remember the ending. Which basically means I shouldn't talk about it because I don't know if you've read it or not.
Spoiler-free: I liked this book for a few reasons. One: ADRIAN. I couldn't get enough of him. He's not a dominant character in this book, but he's certainly in there a bit more. And he's just so dang great. Obviously, there's more going on than him, though. There's the Strigoi attacks, and the issue with spirit (that last part I'm assuming, I can't remember much of the plot pertaining to Lissa and her spirit.)
SPOILER: (highlight to read) THAT FREAKING ENDING. Jeez, I couldn't believe it. On one hand, I was like, Dimitri's out of the way :D
On the other hand I was like, DAMMIT DIMITRI, WHY?! (Because I still liked him at the time.)
And looking back, all I can think about that is: Dammit, Richelle Mead. I thought that ending was bad. Little did I know.

Blood Promise
Published: 2009
Read: 2009
This is my least favorite book in the whole series. And this is filled with spoilers. Sorry about that. I have to rant a little.
When I read this book, I still loved Dimitri. This book is what changed all of that. I know he was a Strigoi. He couldn't help what he did to Rose. I don't blame him for that. I blame Rose for being such a dumbass when I had believed her to be pretty kickass. Damn you, Dimitri. You ruined everything.
And then that ending. Again. I was just fed up with Dimitri. Why couldn't he just stay dead?
In retrospect: this is where we meet the Sydney of the Bloodlines series. It's actually really cool to see a before and after of her. I love stuff like that.
This also introduces Abe, the idea of bringing Strigoi back, and some other stuff that I don't remember! But it's still cool.

Spirit Bound
Published: 2010
Read: 2010

I was basically fangirling the whole time because damn, Adrian is amazing. And he finally had the girl of his dreams. That was so nice.
I was starting to forgive Richelle Mead for the horrible mess that was Blood Promise. I mean, Rose was kickass again. Adrian was happy. Yay!
Only, NOT YAY.
Because- guess what. THE MIDDLE.
That doesn't sound as dramatic as the ending, but it is what it is.
I loved the ending in this book because of the whole murder thing and Rose being framed, and she almost slept with Adrian.
Oddly, that made me happy.
What pissed me off was the return of Dimitri. Who, like I said, has a habit of ruining everything.
Need another example? See my mini review of Last Sacrifice.

Last Sacrifice
Published: 2010
 Read: 2010
I read this book in about two days. Two. Freaking. Days. I could not get enough. The first half of the book? I was on the edge of my seat. It was great stuff. I didn't even mind that Dimitri was there and Adrian wasn't.
And I wish I knew what page it happened. Just so I can emphasize the EXACT point where I absolutely hated Rose. If you read it, I'm sure you can guess what scene I'm talking about.
That basically ended my little love affair with the whole series. I almost set the book down forever. But I didn't. I kept reading, even though my heart was broken and my life was shattered.
(I wish I was kidding. I was depressed for a few days. That's normal right?) I really didn't get over this until I started reading the Bloodlines series. And even then, I'm still not completely over it. The action and adventure in this book was great, though. I loved the new developments with spirit. And then the whole murder thing had me guessing. I really had NO clue who did it. You gotta give an author credit when he/she manages to pull that off. So congrats Richelle Mead. You had me mystified. That was one of the last times I ever felt that way.
I wish I still loved the series the way I used to. I think one day I might again. But sadly it depends on how the Bloodlines series turns out.


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