Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Forward to 2014: Resolutions and Such


My (Book-Related) Resolutions

1. Visit more blogs:
I want to comment some more on the blogs I follow. Lurking around makes me uncomfortable because I feel like a stalker or sorts o.o
I'm not quite sure how to present myself in a non-awkward way which is why I wrote my first Wolfie Wonderings about that. If you have any tips, I would love to hear (read?) them.

2. Review more:
Since I'm just starting out and I'm still getting the hang of things, I've been signing up for a lot of blog tours. So far, I've provided a review for all but one blog tour.
Why do I do blog tours in the first place? Well, for now, that's really the only way I can get review copies. I don't go to the library too often because of school and until I recently got a job, I didn't have money to buy books. So those review copies were the only way for me to get books to review.
Why am I still doing them?
Same reason, really. But now I do have a job and I go to the library at least once a month BECAUSE of school. So I'm cutting back a little. This month I do have a bunch of blog tours I'm participating in, but I will be cutting back soon.

3. Write more:
Today I got a review copy in the mail and it had my name and c/o: Writer Person on it.
This was incredibly exciting. I felt all official and I said as much. My mom was like, you're not a writer, you're a reader.
I almost had a heart attack.
I am too young to have a heart attack.
Therefore I will try to put a little time aside to come up with some new stuff. Posting a short story every week or so would be nice, but I'm doubting that I'll have the time during the school year. But I will try.

4. Original content:
A lot of blogs have this as a goal. I've cut back on memes/features because of all the tour stops and holidays these past couple months. As it is, I did a few It's Mondays, a few Top Ten Tuesdays, a few Waiting on Wednesdays. So I'm saying no more Monday and Wednesday things unless I absolutely have nothing else. Which won't be the case for a while.
As for Top Tens, I will continue doing them as I see fit. If there's one I like, I will do it. Otherwise, nah. And I will treat Life of a Blogger the same way. But I do like most of the topics, so that will be a bit more often.
Otherwise, reviews, writings, wonderings.

5. More followers:
I hate putting this because of the whole number 1 thing. I would love to reach 100 soon, but I don't know how soon. After that, I don't even know what my goal should be. However many I can get, I suppose.
But I feel like I can't get followers without giving something in return, i.e.: contests, comments, etc...
So I guess that brings me to

I will start these soon. No doubt. A little one this month, hopefully. A slightly bigger one when my birthday and real blogoversary come along. And then when I get to a year of book blogging, I will have a larger one. Maybe a few small ones in between, but those three are my main goals.

7. Request review copies and ARCs:
I've been blogging consistently since October-ish. That means by my blogoversary, I'll have been reviewing for six months. I'm hoping to request review copies and ARCs from publishers by the time summer comes along. It's a scary thought, and I'm not sure how to approach them quite yet, but I have some time to figure it out. So that's another long term goal.

That's about it for me. I may be adding to this as I see fit, but those are the basics.
Let's see how I do this year!


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  1. Sounds like a good list of resolutions! I also want to comment and comment back more, as well as become more social through Twitter. I've been blogging for a while now, and feel like I've built up enough content to finally request review copies as well. Good luck with your resolutions!


    1. I tried to keep it basic and manageable. I don't use twitter much to be social, so I'll definitely try that as well. And good luck to you, too! Let me know how those requests go (:
      Thanks so much for stopping by!


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