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Writing Adventures #3: NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up Edition

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*very dramatic sigh*

Anyone want to take a guess how NaNoWriMo turned out for me? Anyone?
Okay, please don't guess. I'd rather just tell you.
Here it goes...

     I started out pretty bad. But See how quickly I made up for it? Day 8 was my last optimistic day. You can see how bad the progress is. So what happened?
     I had school first of all. Crappy excuse? Yes, because I saw middle schoolers and other high schoolers on Twitter talking about how happy they were because they got the 50K. One sophomore got over 90K apparently. Needless to say, I was bitter about it when I read it. Am I over it?
     No, not really. I'm so...jealous I suppose. I wish I could have written that much. Even if it wasn't all for the same novel. I would've been fine with 45K for two novels. Seriously, I'd have thrown myself a party. Eaten all the junk food (okay, I did that anyways, I was sad).
     But alas. My grand total is less than 14K.
     To be exact.
     Was that 13,866 more words than I had before November? Yeah, I suppose it is. And even though I did not make it anywhere near that 50K... Well, I learned a lot.
     My novel was a sci-fi. I'm working on world building. My novel is told from two main POVs, with a couple minor POVs to add to the mystery and provide relevant information. A bit of dramatic irony, if you will. So I'm learning how to build my characters. i.e.: make it easy to tell which of the two female characters is telling the story.
     I learned a bit about plot and in media res and flashbacks and such. As I was writing my flash back scenes all I was thinking was: how the hell are my readers going to know this is a flash back?
Still working on that. Chapter titles and those little time stamps help. But I'm not sure I want to do a full-on time stamp. I want the time to be a bit vague, but make it clear that this happened in the past.
I'm also getting better at my dialogue. It helps with my main character because when I get stuck I ask myself, what would I say? And then my character says something different. Weird process, but somehow it works. My other character is easier. She's a bit more... bold, I suppose. And her background is fun.
     Another key thing is my character that is pretty major, but isn't one of my POVs. Everyone kind of revolves around him, but he doesn't speak for himself. I'm not sure if any of that made sense. But the point is that I have to build his character without the help of his inner thoughts and feelings. It helps that I know them, but how to portray that through someone else's eyes? Again, interesting.
     One of my concerns is my tendency toward...not doing what's normally accepted. Apparently it's the reason I suck at essays. Apparently I skip around the subject, or something like that. And all I've really got to say is, okay then. Because I honestly don't care if my teacher can understand the position I chose because I had to take one.
     That attitude doesn't work when writing novels, because readers have to understand what the hell is going on. So we're back to character-building, world-building, flash backs, etc.
     Honestly, it needs editing. A lot. But I can only edit so much with 35% of my words down. Not to say that my novel would be exactly 50K. But 50K is  good place to look back and think, where do I go from here? You know? You might know more than I do. Maybe you were one of those who actually made it.
     I promise I'm not bitter. I'm so proud of you. And I hope I'll make you proud when I come back next year and write than 50K.
     Third time's a charm. Speaking of...
     Nah, I'll save my NaNoWriMo history for another Writing Adventure. Not overly exciting, but it is a story. I'll try to make it interesting for you guys (:
     I'll end my little talk by saying this, though:
     It says I could finish by February 21. Yes that's three months away, but... it's three months away. As in it's freaking possible. So I am hopeful. It'll get written. I'll work on it little by little and one day, I will finally get to edit it.
     Can you believe that I'm looking forward to that editing?
     Anyways, I'm done here. So-
     Thanks for stopping by! Hope you guys had a successful NaNoWriMo!

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