Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Questions (4)

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So I watched I Am Legend yesterday. It is an amazing movie, and every time I watch it, something new stands out to me.
In this case?
The references to God.
Particularly this one scene:

Robert is getting his family onto the helicopter. They reluctantly agree, under the condition that they'll see him again in a few weeks. Right before the wife gets on, she gets Robert's hand and their daughter's hand. They say a quick prayer for Robert. That he'll be safe and such. The daughter, Marley, then gives Robert the German Shepherd puppy. The scene cuts as Robert stands from a distant.
When the flashback resumes, Robert is standing and waving goodbye. Just then, the "Dark Seekers" (as Ana later calls them) jump onto another helicopter while it's taking off. This helicopter then crashed into the helicopter that Robert's family was on. Just as it was starting to take off, too.

The way my dad pointed it out is this:
If they hadn't taken those five seconds to pray, they may have had enough time to lift off, with the other helicopter being too far away to hit them.

The way I saw it was:
They prayed for Robert. They didn't pray for themselves. They didn't know what was coming for them. At all. Maybe they should have prayed

That being said, my question is:
Does being in the wrong place at the wrong time account for whatever happened? Is there something more than sheer luck, or lack of it, at work in the world?

Another example:
When Samantha (aka Sam the German Shepherd) got bitten by the infected dogs. If Robert hadn't stabbed himself in the leg, if she had run to the car like she was supposed to, if if if...
She might not have died.
But did you notice, not just the foreshadowing of the event, but also the events that occurred right after?
The day Sam died, Robert had promised her that he would talk to the female mannequin tomorrow.
But Sam wasn't alive for tomorrow.
You know what did happen though? Robert attempted to kill himself and take out as many "Dark Seekers" as he could.
And that's when Ana showed up.
After Sam died. When Robert was at his lowest point and had no hope.
Sam died. Ana came.

"God didn't do this, Ana. We did."

And then I thought that quote was interesting. Mostly because a little bit later, Robert yells at Ana that there is no God.

That's about all I have. It's certainly something to think about. Feel free to let me know your thoughts!

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