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2013 in Review

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The Books

This was a bad year as far as reading a lot of books. For first 6 months, i was so worried about the reading I had to do for school, that I didn't really read for fun. And if I did, I didn't visit Goodreads so I have no records. It's actually really sad. I didn't rediscover Goodreads until I rediscovered my blog. I've read as much as I could in that time, but there's only so much time in the day. I've lost a lot of sleep trying to read enough to keep my blog afloat.
That and, you know, trying to keep my grades afloat.
Because I didn't read a lot, there aren't too many I loved or hate. In fact, I didn't read anything I hated. I didn't have time. I picked only books I knew I would like.
As for books I love, there are a few. Most books I only thought were okay. But here are


Both Sides Now
Indigo Spell
Gates of Paradise
Lola and the Boy Next Door
Jurassic Park
The Outsiders


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Under the Never Sky
Anna Dressed in Blood
Clockwork Princess

The Blogging

I left in August of 2012. I resurfaced in September of this year. That's four months of blogging. I didn't gain consistency until mid-October. Now I'm posting nearly every day. So far this month, I only missed one day. I'm trying hard to finish all my January review books before January because I have a lot of them and I won't have too much time to read them IN January. I'm actually doing good right now. I've got a Mission: Impossible in the beginning of the month. I won't reveal it until I actually accomplish it. However, you are free to guess it. It might even get you a little something. More on that later.

I started this blog the day after my birthday in 2010. My uncle was the one who got me started. He has quite a few blogs but I'd daresay he's most known for Tossing It Out. My first 60 or so followers were redirected here from my uncle's blog. I don't know how many of those original followers still check back here.

Originally, my blog was a place for me to showcase my writing. When I stopped having time to prepare my stories and scenes, my blog became a place to share my thoughts. And then I started getting really sporadic. And then I stopped altogether.

Now, I'm struggling a bit. I want to balance out my blog. But I'm in full book-reviewing mode. And I just don't have time to add writing ON TOP of that. Maybe that will be my summer project, when I have more readers to get a bit more feedback.

The point of sharing my short writings is just to get feedback. To see if they're ideas that can be expanded. If my techniques could work on a bigger project. If I have to work on descriptions or dialogue or characters. I don't know how many of you have noticed my Vampire/Werewolf Role Play. I recently updated it. The backstory for that? It started as a discussion on Goodreads. Me and my friends wanted to do a vampire/werewolf thing and that's what started VWRP. It's rather lame, but I leave it up to you to give me some feedback. I no longer talk to the girl I wrote with. This is causing some troubles with my writing, but I don't want to get into that now.

Eventually I started talking about books and songs and movies. From there I went on to talk about my life. And now I'm back to books! That's about all there is to this blog. 

(The stats are a little sad because I'm just starting out)

The Movies

I don't have too much to say here. I don't watch a lot of movies. So I'm just going to fangirl over Frozen because I saw that a few days ago.
I love Disney movies, that is no secret. I had been looking forward to Frozen since it came out in November. When I first heard about it, I wasn't too convinced. But as the commercials started airing and as November turned into December and December was coming to an end... I HAD TO SEE IT.
Everything about it was perfect. I was crying within the first 10 minutes. The characters were relateable. I loved Elsa because she was troubled and worried about hurting those she loved. I loved Anna because she just wanted a friend... beautiful heartbreaking stuff.
I love the music too! Every time a new song came on I was like :O *heart*

I bought four songs from the soundtrack:
Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
For the First Time in Forever
Love is an Open Door
Let it Go (the version from the movie, although the Demi Lovato version is also amazing)

By far my favorite scene was the Let it Go sequence. Beautiful.

The Songs

I have totally fallen behind here, too. Music is a huge part of my life. But it's been a while since I've actively tried to find new stuff.
I made an Indie radio on Pandora not too long ago. And I am absolutely in love with it. 

I'm an alternative rock girl myself. That's the genre I listen to the most by far. But I do have some crazy variety. I have country, mild screamo, moderate screamo, country, pop rock, and much more. I can go from Rise Against to Carrie Underwood to Breathe Carolina to Mat Kearney to Jack's Mannequin (which remains to be my favorite band ever).

The Memories 

Well, since I don't have too much blogging experience, I'm going to talk about real life experiences here:

My birthday this year was pretty cool. I had a nice lunch with my family at Frantone's and then I went bowling with some friends afterwards.

The Fourth of July is a huge holiday for my family. Every year we get together and visit my Abuelita's (grandmother's) grave. Then we all go to someone's house (lately it's been my house) and eat a bunch of food, play Loteria, watch movies, and just hang out and have a good time.

The day after that, I went to Six Flags with my cousin. It was a sort of double date because I brought along my boyfriend and she brought along hers. We spent all day running around, going on rides, and just talking and having fun. My boyfriend won me a stuffed unicorn. I'm not a unicorn person, but I am a stuffed animal person. And that was one cute stuffed animal. Haha.

Right before school started, I went to the park with my boyfriend's family. That was pretty fun. We ate burgers, played volleyball, and went bike riding. I was scared because I hadn't gone bike riding in so long and I had trouble finding my balance. But it was a pretty great day.

Over Thanksgiving break, I went iceskating with my boyfriend. I absolutely love iceskating even though I suck at it. I was supposed to teach him the basics of not falling, but I fell way more than he did. That's not to say he was actually skating, he was just trying really hard not to fall.

So far, my winter break isn't so bad either. Nothing really specific to mention. I got to spend time with my tia (aunt). I also got to read quite a bit. I'm hoping to go out with my boyfriend because I haven't gone out with him since that day we went iceskating, but... Yeah.

Life is weird.


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