Thursday, October 31, 2013

Writing Adventures #1

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This is my first Writing Adventures post. I know it's getting late. Sorry about that. It being Halloween and all, I was barely able to get to this.
But basically, my Writing Adentures posts will be throwaway posts about whatever I'm writing about or troubles I've had or even (so rarely) some accomplishments.
These posts will be pretty sporadic but since November is NaNoWriMo, it'll be more frequent.
And now I shall begin-

So NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. And I am sooooo not prepared.
I really want to finish it this year. Really I do. I feel like it'll be a living testament to my dedication and completely real return to the world of blogging and writing.
Honestly, I'm a bit discouraged.
My history and English teachers apparently don't like my writing.
I just took a timed essay test for history and it worried me greatly. Apparently only two essays really stood out to him. And while I wasn't surprised, I was still hurt that mine had been forgettable.
But I suppose that's just how it is.
I don't write to impress others.
I write to impress myself first.
And that being said, I don't write anything awesomely on the first try. My copy for my yearbook story took me four tries. Doesn't seem like a lot, but it's those little things in organization that make a helluva difference.
Either way, still discouraged.
Still determined to please these teachers. Which wounds my pride a bit.
But my grade is on the line. And let's face it, I'd love it if my history teacher called me the way my math teacher does sometimes.
But I digress.
(That's my new favorite word by the way. And it has nothing to do with my history teacher.)

I'm excited but scared. I have to do this. This is my goal. 50K words.
That's no big deal right? Piece of cake. I doubt I'll have much time during the week, but I always make time for wandering through the blogs. I'll just set some aside to stare at my cursor blink back at me.
I will be fine.
And if you're joining, I'm sure you'll be fine, too.
Let me know if you need a writing buddy or just someone to talk to(:

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