Thursday, October 17, 2013

Look Another Post!

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Hey guys, I'm back!
Just letting you know that I have signed up for a few mailing lists. Maybe I'll be in one of them fancy tours soon.
For now, I'm mostly reviewing on Goodreads, so you can check out the links that are now all over my blog.
Speaking of Goodreads!
All my recent activity helped me win a giveaway!:D
So now I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Goodreads First Reads:

Hunts in Dreams by Tom Drury


Meanwhile I am entering contests like crazy in the hopes of winning a few physical books. Because I am such a fan of those and I cannot buy my own books for a while, so I'm relying on giveaways!

Eventually I'm hoping to get some books from the actual authors and publishers. But I'll wait patiently for that because I'm going to be SWAMPED for a while.

Until then, why don't you enter contests with me?

Like this one. I am totally jealous of this one:

Nick over at Nick's Book Blog

I mean, 1000 GFC followers. That's crazy.
I remember how happy I was when I got 50.
I can't imagine how crazy excited she was when she saw her number hit 1000.
But that's besides the point!

In case you missed the link, here it is again:


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  1. I remember when I hit one thousand. It was at that point, I knew I'd never be able to keep up with everyone!
    There's a fantasy book giveaway on several blogs right now that is rather awesome.


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