Monday, April 23, 2012

Q is for...

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Quests, Questions, and Quirks

I'm sure we all have a few of these in our lives!

AH YES! Those things, you remember them? They're really fun to look at :D You know, like in those video or computer games? And you have those quests that you really truly mean to get done, but then you never do? Life is a lot like that sometimes. I find it very sad. Because I'm like that a lot o.o
I always say,
I'M GOING TO DO THIS *very determined look*

And then I go and try and I get distracted....
*Oh look, a penguin!:O*
And then that's the end of that. Hopefully my quest to catch up completely does not turn out like that at all *more determined look*

OMIGOSH! I have an awful lot of those, ask anybody! I ask one particular person more questions than anyone else, but I'll get into that later. That's a bit of backstory that came into play sometime during the year I was gone. But I'll get to it. Then you'll see! I've made a friend(:

I have an awful lot of these too! Always wondered what they were! I seriously forgot what a quirk was and what I wanted to say about them. WOOPS! I clearly need some sleep. So onward to the next post!

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