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J is for...

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Mysterious. This is the only clue that you will ever get as to what my real name is. That's right. My name starts with a J. Six letters... Can you guess what it is? 0_o

Look at that. Leila's twin. I must say, I have a bit of a crush on him. Not kidding. (Now me? I love green eyes and black hair. I've yet to see this combination, but it just seems like a really great one, you know?) But despite that, there is just something about Jack. He has brown hair, not too dark. Sometimes it looks almost blond in the sun, especially because he's athletic. That, plus he has blue eyes. (Personally, I think green is much better. But I'll take blue any day.) Anyways. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. Athletic. Cool powers. Yeah, he's awesome. He's also pretty protective of his sisters, Leila most of all.
(In order:
Victoria, nicknamed Tor, age 25;
Megan, nicknamed Meg, age 19;
Jack, age 16;
Leila, nicknamed Lei, age 16;
Diana, nicknamed Dia, age 13)
(Yes, they're very fond of nicknames.)

So here's the story: Jack and Leila are twins. Super close and all that. When they were 13, Jack disappeared. Now it's three years later. Dia, their younger sister, has come back from her three years in Spain with relatives. Nobody bothered to tell Dia that Jack disappeared shortly after she left. (She was ten at the time. She's now 13 herself.) Her arrival affects Leila greatly. Leila is determined to find Jack at any cost. But when (if) she does, what will she find and will she like it? (Will I? o: )

Claire's twin. She's pretty cool, I suppose. Or, she would be if she wasn't so concerned about keeping Claire safe. And herself. And Illusion. And Shadow, her black Norwegian elkhound. Like Claire, she has black hair and grey eyes, along with pale skin. However, Jordin is a good six inches taller than Claire (5'7" vs. 5'1"). Jordin also has a very different clothing style than Claire does. Jordin's usual outfit consists of large t-shirts and loose jeans. Sometimes, if it's really hot, she'll wear shorts. But she hasn't worn any shorts since she ran away with Claire. Yup. She and Claire ran away from their home in Springfield, Illinois. It's been five years. They've been all over Illinois and now they've ended up in Chicago.
But I'm sure you're wondering why they ran away, right? I mean, they were ten. And they've been gone for five years now. What?
Let me clear it up for you.
James and Monica, Jordin and Claire's parents. Millionaires. Big house. Should be the life, right?
Well, it isn't. No where near it. Because they don't just have those two kids. Nope. They got fourteen. Ten of which are adopted. The other four are their biological kids. Guess which group gets ignored, or worse, abused? The biological kids. You see, the millionaires in Illinois are "trying to be charitable". This includes taking in as many needy children as you can. So the ten Adoptees get all of the attention. At best, the Bios are ignored. However, many rich people are snobs and they tend to bully them. But that's not the worst part. The Adoptees are practically angels when they're out in public. But at home? When the parents are away (as they often are)? They beat up the Bios. Physically. Horribly. And who do they beat up the most? Not Jordin. Claire. They sent her to the hospital, not once, not twice. Four times. Jordin, not to mention Claire, got sick of it. So they ran away. Left it all behind. And guess what?
They're doing pretty good on their own.
Maybe it has to do with the fact that they have these awesome powers?
Not that they know that, of course.
Not yet, anyways.

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