Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yes. If you are reading this, and haven't read the PART ONE.... What are you waiting for???? Scroll down and read it! Like.... NOW!!!!!

You done reading? Good. Now I can continue. ^.^

#14: CHARACTERS- Andrea

My protagonist. Yes. The bad guy (or in this case, girl). The villain. The one that people absolutely love to hate. You know? Well, she was basically "created" to kill. Yeah, it's a beautiful destiny. Wouldn't you just love it if you were made to kill people? Didn't think so. She doesn't like it either. Well, she likes killing people. (Yeah, scary, right?) She doesn't like that she *made* that way. She has a thing against authority. Which is ironic. She'd do anything for the Redavni.

#15: CHARACTERS- Beatrice

I guess she would be the main character, the protagonist. She's the hero in this case. The good guy (girl). Her job? Save the ten. Don't kill Andrea (for moral reasons, it'd really be better for everyone if Andrea was dead), unless, of course, she's like about to kill you. She's an Elpoep. Fighting for her home planet. Which the Redavni have taken.

#16: CHARACTERS- The Ten- Ellianna

She is the oldest of the ten. Has the ability to *know*. Even if she doesn't actually know that she knows. Yeah, it kinda sucks to know everything and not know that you know. It really gets confusing. Nickname: Elli. From: Boston, Massachusetts

#17: CHARACTERS- The Ten- Alexandra

She has the ability to *realize*. You're thinking: "How's that different from knowing?" Well, there's a difference. Elli knows, the way you know sports statistics or that the sun rises in the east. Alex realizes, the way you realize that you're in love or that you really shouldn't talk about people when they're not two feet away. Nickname: Alex. From: Boston, Massachusetts

#18: CHARACTERS- The Ten- Kayla

Her power? Air. She can suffocate people, create tornadoes, maybe even fly??? Well, not fly so much as control the air around her so that it lifts her up. And maybe with some practice she can move around in the air?.... She's from Austin, Texas. Nickname: Kay

#19: CHARACTERS- The Ten- Irene

She is fiery. Literally. Her power is the ability to control fire. And she's from New York. Clearly, that's not a good combination. Guess we'll have to find out, huh? ;) Nickname: none. From: Manhattan, New York

#20: CHARACTERS- The Ten- Jack

He is Leila's twin brother, slightly older than she is. Light haired (almost blonde), and blue eyes. He has the power to control light. Not electricity, LIGHT. Hard to manipulate it in the physical world. But if you manipulate the "light" (figuratively) in a person? FREAKY! Nickname: none. From: Los Angeles, California

#21: CHARACTERS- The Ten- Leila

Jack's twin sister. Total opposite of Jack, in looks and power. She has hair and eyes so dark that they're almost black. And she can manipulate darkness. Again, not so much in the physical world (though slightly more than light), but a *lot* when it comes to the darkness in people. Yet another *freaky* power. Nickname: Lei. From: Los Angeles, California

#22: CHARACTERS- The Ten- Melanie

The power to control water. Any water, H2O, whatever. She can drain people of their water (people are 75% water), create tsunamis, drown people, etc. She is from Florida, more specifically, Miami. And she likes going to Miami Beach. You see where I'm going with this? Nickname: Mel. From: Miami, Florida.

#23: CHARACTERS- The Ten- Jordin

She is the twin of Claire. Her ability? Manipulate shadows. This is more physical than mental. However, people have *shadows of the past* right? Point is: freaky. powerful. weird. She is super protective of Claire because of their shared past. No, I'm not telling you. Sorry. Nickname: none. From: Originally- Springfield, Illinois. Now- Chicago, Illinois.

#24: CHARACTERS- The Ten- Claire

She is the twin of Jordin. The total opposite of her sister (much like Jack and Leila), her power is the ability to manipulate illusions. So what does that include? More of a mental ability, she can make people see what she wants them to see, feel what she wants them to feel, think what she wants them to think, etc. Scared of her yet? Don't be. One- she doesn't know she has this power (yet). Two- she is much too nice to use her power to their full extent (who knows how long that'll last?). No nickname. From: Chicago, Illinois.

#25: CHARACTERS- The Ten- Brayden

He is the only boy, besides Jack. His power: earth. He can create earthquakes, shift the ground, etc. And he's from Los Angeles. Yes. Precarious situation. (I very much like those.) Nickname: Bray (hates his nickname). From: Los Angeles, California.

#26: HOW IT'S GOING TO WORK: A to Z Challenge

So I'm mostly going to wing my entries for the A to Z Challenge. But I can't do that for every letter. I'll get stuck at some point. So I need a back up plan. When I get stuck (or when I don't have time to be *original*), I will: a) write a short scene b) tell you a memory of mine c) do a research assignment Of course, they will all relate to the letter of the day.

I'll show you more about this format tomorrow.

I hope your ready!

Good luck!

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Well, it's been long enough, right?

I have certainly missed doing this. And for once, it's not homework that has kept me away from the computer (although, let's admit it, it played a big part). It was mostly people and their drama. But, blah blah blah, no one cares about my drama.

So, *moving on*.

As a way to warm up for a month of blogging, I am going to write about 26 things in two parts.

*YES* 26 things. In *TWO* parts. :)


Yeah, yeah. I've talked about this before. So there's not much else to add. Other than big state's tests are coming up end of April/ beginning of May. Hurray. I'm so excited. (Not really.)

#2: PEOPLE- friends

Some of the best and worst people in your life will be your friends. Sometimes it's the same person too. Makes everything so much more confusing. As if life weren't confusing enough, right?

#3: PEOPLE- family

We all got 'em. Even if we have no idea who they are or where they are or *what* they are. I mean, we came from somewhere, right?

#4: BOOKS- reading

If you don't know that I like reading, you haven't read a single entry in my blog. So, if you're new (or not), let it be known: I LOVE READING.

#5: BOOKS- writing

Now, if you don't know that I like *writing*, you can't read very well. I am "WRITER Person" for a reason. Well, I'm Wolfie, the Writer Person. :)

#6: MUSIC- listening

Now, here's something else you should know about me: I love music. Love love love. As in, couldn't live without it. Not possible for me. I need music. And I don't have a specific genre that I like. For the most part, I like any and all music. Unless it's stupid, hip hop, or rap. Or all of the above. I do, however, lean towards the alternative rock genre.

#7: MUSIC- writing

Well, I write novels, why not songs? More on the subject later, though. There's a lot of background to this particular topic.

#8: EYES- colored vs. brown

Me? I have a thing for colored eyes. Particularly *green*. But I also like blue eyes. Grey eyes. Basically any eyes that aren't brown. Probably has something to do with the fact that I have brown eyes. So I think that they're absolutely boring.


Who doesn't like watching movies? I, for one, love watching movies. More on this topic *later*.


So I grew up watching baseball and basketball. I played soccer for 3 years (not in a row). I'm hoping to get back into soccer, but I'm not all that sure if/when that'll happen.

#11: FOLLOWING (and followed)

Thank you so much for following me. I really appreciate that :)

Now, I would like to follow you all back. But that's hard to do. I'd really appreciate it if you left a link, like in a comment. Makes everyone's life easier. :)

So, follow me, leave a link, I follow you. I can't guarantee that I'll leave comments every day. But I'll try.

#12: AWARD
So, I got this award from Murees Dupe. And with this award, comes the great responsiblity of PASSING IT ON!!!! (I LOVE this part...)

Rule 1 - Thank the person who awarded it to you.


Rule 2 - Share 7 facts about yourself.

1. Although I don't particularly like math, I am very good at it.

2. I want to be an architect, engineer, author, or director when I *grow up*.

3. I am between the ages of 13 and 20.

4. I cannot speak Spanish very well, even though most of my family speaks nothing but Spanish.

5. I love traveling.

6. I love food.

7. I do not like commercials. Like, at all.

Rule 3 - Choose _____ bloggers to pass this award on to. I choose 5. I like that number.

Rule 4 - Notify said recipients of the #3 rule.

- Arlee Bird at Tossing it Out

- Stephanie at What's So Random?

- Naomi Ruth at A

- Debra She Who Seeks at She Who Seeks

- Grammy at Blabbin' Grammy


Not sure what exactly that means. But me and Stephanie have decided to join together and become a bloggy family. Well, our blogs are becoming a bloggy family. Me and Stephanie are already related (cousins). So, we would be having similar events and such. Plus there are gonna be tons of references back and forth. So, *go follow her*!!!

~Stay tuned for PART TWO~
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


*cool and composed*

Please excuse my *FREAKOUT*. But I am seriously still in shock.
It's March.
That means I have quite a few birthdays this month.
It means I have another month of homework and projects and *unbelievable* drama.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I can handle that.
So what's the problem with it being March?
I know I can do it. But to be honest, I'm just a little bit scared.
My subconscious is screaming a whole bunch of depressing and unhelpful thoughts.
And I'm trying, I really am. But, for those of you who don't know me, trying isn't something I do very often. So, I'm not all that used to it.
I know that's bad, maybe even worse than that. But that's what happens.
Anyways, I've had some newcomers to this blog and I feel like I've been neglecting you. So, I'll be passing by. And commenting :)
But I figured you might want a little bit of info about me.
- I am a writer. (Just in case you didn't get that already.)
- I am a reader. (But you probably could have guessed that.)
- I am *extremely* lazy. Trust me, I hate it as much as anyone else. But I'm too lazy to do much about it >.<
- I don't share my age. But I might change my mind later, because I feel it gives you a better idea of where I come from. And no, I am not 105 years old. Or 10. Good luck guessing ;)
- I have a tendency to forget what I'm doing sometimes. Like when replying to comments or visiting other peoples' blogs. It's very inconvenient.
- I can run on and on forever on topics such as: religion, the meaning of life, and books.
- When asked, I'd choose Coldplay over Radiohead every time. Unless I feel like choosing Radiohead.
- I am very pessimistic and self-critical. Don't get this confused with depression.
- I love to laugh. Not sure if you picked that up.
- I don't hate things, I just *STRONGLY* dislike them.
- If you ever want to picture me? Think curly hair and glasses.
- I try not to get too close to people. Probably has something to do with being a bit too paranoid. Who knows?
- So, as much as I complain about school, I don't mind it all that much. I like the social aspect of it. And the learning part. Not the part where it carries over to homework and projects.

I'm not sure what else to add. But I think you'll figure it out.
Now I'm off to do some writing

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