Monday, February 14, 2011

*Runs Away Screaming*

Hey, everybody!
As you know (or maybe you don't...), I have a goal to finish my very first novel before my birthday in April. Yay!
Well, I was working on it this weekend. The plot started coming together.
Should be a good thing, right? I should be excited!
Well, I am. Apparently, I'm so excited that I've been having a killer headache for the last two days.
But that's not the reason I want to run away screaming.
Besides my headache, there's another problem with a plot finally coming together.
I've got editing to do! Yay!
I mean, yeah, I'm excited. I guess. But personally, I've always dreaded editing. I love improving it, sure. But I hate having to go through every line carefully to pick out anything that doesn't belong. And to add anything that has to be added.
It's one of those things that you love to hate and hate to love.
Much like a Maroon 5 song that I like very much (The Sun by Maroon 5).
Anyways, this post was kind of a way to procrastinate on that.
I gotta stop doing that.
I have a month and a half to finish the writing and hopefully start on the editing.
So, yeah, I'm kinda freaking out.
I can finish a project just fine without worrying.
But I can't finish a book.
There's a reason that this'll (hopefully) be my first.
But I'm determined to finish it! I have to!
So, wish me luck!
I'm diving in....
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  1. Good-luck Wolfie! I am rooting for you.

    I also hate editing. I keep finding stuff to change even after I had done my final editing.

  2. @ Murees: I know what you mean. My problem is I haven't actually finished the book. I barely started and already I'm rearranging everything. Good luck on your own writing! :)


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