Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's a New Year

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Well, hello there!
It's been a while since I've done this.
I hope I can get back into the rhythm of blogging.
I've missed it so much.
It's good to be back. :)
Lately, I've been dedicating my writing time to this whole new/old idea.
I've had the Idea for a while. But now it's brand new with twists and turns and deaths.
Love it! :D
I hope to finish it before my birthday. More accurately, before April.
I haven't been very good about finishing the books I start.
So I'm hoping to change that this year.
I'm trying to be optimistic about it.
Because I know I CAN finish a book.
I just gotta push myself a little bit.
And it might help if others cheered me on....
But anyways, I hope you have had A GREAT YEAR so far!
And I hope you had a great HOLIDAY SEASON!
Because I know I did. :)
And I am currently in love with my iPod Touch. It's really pretty :]
And I'm reading, though it's hard now that I'm back to school again.
Back to projects
and homework
and more projects.
I don't like how much of my time it takes up.
I have a life, too.
But ah well.
I can deal with it.
So how's your NEW YEAR going?
I'd love to know. :)
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1 comment:

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