Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis the Season to be Jolly

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It is officially December!
You may think that it is officially the Next Month on the First Day.
You, my friends, are Wrong.
The month does not change 'til the second day. Which is Weird. I know it is. But such is the Way of Life.
Better get used to it now.
Anyways, my weird rambling aside, I figured I should update you on Stuff.
Like, what the heck have I been doing LAST month. Because it is officially Next Month, I can talk about Last Month.
The month of November, to be exact.

Well, surely you've heard of NaNoWriMo. And yes, I signed up.
And it was Certainly Fun.
While it Lasted.
I did not Get Far. If you know what I mean.
I didn't even get half way through.
And I will tell you WHY. Because I feel the need to vent about how Unfair Life can Be.
So, I'm committed to this. Especially at the Beginning. I'm all excited. I can finally finish the Project. The one that I came up with Two Years Ago.
Well, La Di Da. I'm writing. Writing. Writing. For a few days. Before IT happens.
Before my teachers decide that this is the month to:
1. Give us tests every week (meaning at least two or tests a week, for the subjects: Math, Science and Social Studies)
2. Give us Really Important Projects (worth a lot, so don't procrastinate!)
3. Give us homework like we don't have anything better to do (We're People too! We have Lives!)

You see, Tests, I can handle. I don't get nervous like other people do. There's no point. I never get less than a B. An lately, I haven't gotten less than an A. So, whatever. Tests are okay for me.
Projects and Homework is where I get Annoyed. Really Annoyed. Be Creative! Work Hard! Don't Procrastinate!
Ha! As if! Nobody even thinks about the project until the week of or before it's due. That's the point with Honors students. Can you still get an A, if you start the Day Before. So what if you stay up 'til Two in the Morning? Can you still get up at six or seven and come to school? Can you still get all your homework in?
That's the Point! The sign of Genius. I can still get an A if I start the Day Before!
I don't wait that long, in case you're wondering. I just do Most of it the Day Before.
But do you realize how much Time it all takes up? So there went my Writing Time.

I still haven't had the chance to Write. I've got two Projects due next Friday.
I also have a Field Trip tomorrow. Aquarium of the Pacific! Yay, Fishes!
And then there's the Weekend. Which I hope will be relaxing. But I'm not getting my Hopes up.
I also got Last Sacrifice (shriek!) coming out next Tuesday. As you can see, I am Very Excited!
And I am getting it The Day it Comes Out. The Day. No Exceptions. Whatsoever.

I hear Some Stuff. Not sure What it is. But yay. I've read the first Chapter of Last Sacrifice. And it was Cool. Really Cool. So now I'm about 1,000x more excited than I was Before.

I think that's all. I tell you about books and such this weekend. Got some Research to do. Because apparently Science Teachers think Calcium is Super Interesting, along with Anything Else that is on the periodic table.
Don't know how they figure that.

Good night!

PS: Apparently I forgot about the title of this Post. So I'm mentioning the Holidays. *Mention!* Holidays!
Also, I got this Thing. It is a very Some Thing. If you know what I mean.
I'll tell you more about this Thing, Later.
Good night for sure this time. :)
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