Friday, December 3, 2010

This Thing That I Mentioned Last Time

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So, I mentioned this Thing in my Last post.
And I'm ready to tell you about it.
You may or may not have noticed that there is yet another blog on my blog list.
If not, I guess I'll tell you now.
I have a new blog.
Silent Blogs.

It's not a blog about me, in case you're wondering. It's a story in the process.
And it's about a girl. And she creates a blog, telling about her life story.
But no, it's not mine.
It's all fantasy.
Or, realistic fiction.
Now, the title was inspired by my science teacher, believe it or not.
He was said something about our Science Logs. And I could've sworn he said Silent Blogs.
Well, he didn't. But the idea stuck in my head.
SO, I created it. And I'm in the process of posting/writing it.
I wrote the first post earlier. And I wrote some more, but I have yet to post them.
Now the idea is that I write. But I would appreciate followers and feedback.
IF you would like to follow, please do.
And if you can, get others to follow too.
I just want feedback to keep my in line.
And I also need a way to keep the blog as hidden as possible. Which makes no sense. I mean, it's on the Internet. But anyways, that's about it.
I'm not yet sure about the "content" of this blog/story. But I'll figure it out along the way.
Thank you for following me! (Figured now was a good time to Thank You.) And I hope you follow my Silent Blogs. :)
Just so you, it's a bit depressing. Warning you ahead of time.
Good night!
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1 comment:

  1. That sounds really interesting. I hope you have a lot of fun doing this...what a great idea and from a science teacher no less.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance


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