Sunday, October 10, 2010


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So don't forget to do that wishing thing-y. You know? At 10:10 AM or PM. I just missed AM by about ten minutes. So there you go. ;)
My weekend was okay-ish.
On Friday I invited a bunch of friends over to watch Beauty and The Beast (which is my all-time favorite movie, for those of you who don't know.) And it was awesome. We ate junk food and laughed. Perfect day.
Of course, I knew I'd be in trouble for something afterwards. And I was. But I'm trying to forget that. It was fun while it lasted. I gotta be thankful it happened at all. :)
So, yesterday I went over to my cousin's house. We watched The Little Rascals, which I had never seen before. Turns out it's HER favorite movie. And I had to admit it was pretty cool. :D
Also, I finished By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters.
And I have no idea how it ends. I still can't figure out if she really does kill herself. But I like to think that Santana was able to reach out to her. That she accepts that not everybody sucks and some people can be nice. I'll admit that her life had sucked. And her parents didn't really do much to help her out. I mean, of course they did. But they didn't seem to be able to fully understand. I have to point out that this is usually the case in books like this. The adults never really seem to understand. But that could also be because the person didn't want to adults to understand. It's almost like they don't explain because they need a reason to be mad at the adults in their life. Like they need an excuse to kill themselves. "You weren't there for me."
That makes sense, rite?
But what do I really know? I have never been bullied, especially not in the way Daelyn was. I've seen kids being called names. But they never seemed to take it the way Daelyn did. Nobody ever tried to kill themselves at age 10.
Of course, not as far as I knew. I grew up pretty sheltered. Which is another reason why I read. There's always some truth in the books I read, even if it is about vampires or werewolves. The way people act and react? Authors try to make the most unrealistic stories, realistic. So, yeah, you can learn a lot about people from reading fantasy, at least, I've always thought so.
But then you go to realistic fiction. And that's a lot more realistic. I mean, duh. It's in the name. And that's why I love that genre. It's REAL. Or, at least, close enough.
So, yeah. Also, I want to see It's Kinda of A Funny Story. I read the book back in April and it was AWESOME! So, I'm excited about the movie. I might see it today with my friend. :D
My dad feels bad for me because my sister and mom went to Disneyland today. And I have tomorrow off, but we won't be able to do anything. So he'e making up for it. I just hope he doesn't ask why IKoaFS is rated PG-13.... :/
And that may or may not tell you how old I am. Take that whichever way you wish. ;)
So, I'm off! Later, gator! (-Now I'm a gator?-Yes! Deal with it!-)

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  1. I totally believe that Real Life Stuff can be found in fantasy. :) I like how you worded that.


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