Tuesday, September 28, 2010

*Insane Laughter*

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Weird title, right?
I agree.
Anyways, there is a reason for this insane laughter that I have to urge to do, but seeing as my sister is in the room with me, I do not wish to scare her.
But I'll explain WHY I want to laugh so insanely.
First of all, OMIGOSH! BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! Comes out in 7 days!!!!! :D
So, I'm exciting about that.
No Ordinary Family premieres today at 8 on ABC 7. It won't be FlashForward, but it'll be good enough for now. Until they bring FlashForward back. Which they will because it was so awesome. And if they don't..... Well, they better. >: - >
(I do not know what that is supposed to look like, by the way.)
I also have a project due in one week. :/ But I'm getting it done. Kind of. You know me. :D
I also have a BIG project due the 14th (Reading To Be A Slave). But I made an agreement with my parents. See, I want to invite some friends over next Friday (Oct. 8) so that we could all watch Beauty and the Beast together. My parents said that if I finish this major project before the 8th, I'll be over to invite them over. So, I've read Chapter 1, almost done with Chapter 2. I did 13 out of 25 vocab words. I call that progress considering I did this in almost 2 days. :)
So, I'm doing good. Right now I'm taking a little bit of a break to babysit my sister. So, I'll be back tomorrow. Because of my sudden hunger, No Ordinary Family, and this map I have to finish.
(Today's philosophical (?) rant....)
Also, I am reading a book about a suicidal girl. How nice, right? I've read about one or two other books about suicide. And they really scare me, but I gotta admit, they're pretty good.
I mean, it's scary to see how these people just give up so easily. Really scary. Yet so intriguing. I have to admit that I love the parts about the family's reaction. Because that's the proof that they were wrong when they thought no one loved them and life wasn't worth living.
It really is. It's so worth it.
You live through the pain and the stress.
You live through the hatred and unfairness.
And of course it's hard.
You live through it so that when something good happens, it seems like a miracle. Because it is.
The day you notice that there are so many, many people who love you.
The day you realize that life is a wonderful gift.
That you are so lucky and gifted.

And I guess there are people who can't handle the pain or the stress. That's why there are so many suicides every year.
But they are so wrong.
Maybe I'm a lot more religious than I think I am.
Or maybe I've just read so many books about what life is all about....
Maybe that's it.
I'm all about my books. About what they meant to me.
They aren't just words.
They MEAN something to me.
Marley and Me. That is my all-time favorite book. Because it's so real. The ups and downs of life.
It's why I love Sarah Dessen and Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks and Laurie Halse Anderson so much.
It's all so real. It's life.
Life happens.
Unless, of course, you're dead.
Then it wouldn't really matter, anyway, right?
And I guess that's the sad part.
If you're dead, you can't enjoy life.
It's worth living.
If it's not, then it will be.
You just gotta be patient.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the thoughts :) Life totally is worth living! Thanks for the reminder!


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