Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So I went to the mall today for some sale. We walked passed Borders and guess what I saw.

Do you know how torturous that was? I almost DIED!!!

Because, guess what.


Of course, I expected that. But still. It hurt. A lot. :'(

So, I have to wait. Hopefully not until Christmas.
My dad gets coupons from Target and Borders. Hopefully he'll get one soon...


And I am not kidding.... :/

I wish my parents could just buy it for me... But they don't buy me books. According to them, I could just get them for free at the library. But I can't underline or bookmark or highlight library books. Plus, I love rereading some parts over and over and over and over again. And that would be very inconvenient if I didn't own it. Because then I'd have to go to the library every time that happened. Why can't they realize that I am just saving them time and gas money?
Anyways, not the point. The point was that I NEED MOCKINGJAY!!!!!

But I've been waiting for months. It's out.
I just need to wait a few more weeks....
It'll be hard...
But I've done it before...
And it'll be worth it....

Happy reading.
Hope YOU can get the books you want.
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  1. @ Alex: Oh yes I am going to. I wish I still got allowance. Do you happen to know the odds of finding money of the ground?...

  2. Hey! I actually can't get the books I want either! I feel your pain.


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