Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm With You

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I'm With You is a song by Avril Lavigne.
I really like it. :)
As it so happens, I am using the computer today. YAY!
It seems so weird. My blogging has been on and off for a while, but I will try to change that. Somehow. Like I said, it helps that I can now post from my phone. :)
Sorry for any words that are spelled incorrectly. That would be the result of me being new to texting. I think this "unlimited" business really gets to teenagers' heads. Okay, my head.
Anyways, I have also started playing Pokemon again. I really hope you all know what that is. Well, I've been playing the video games since I was three. No kidding. As far as I can remember, playing Pokemon had never been a problem for me. I also knew how to play the card game. I remember collecting cards since I was about five. Unfortunately, I lost all of those cards. We moved the summer I was five. We lost a lot of stuff during that move. All of our stuff was outside when it started to rain. And rain. And rain. There was an overhang. Or whatever those roof-things are in the backyard. But water leaked through. Plus the garage was horribly dirty and dusty and horrible. So, everything in there got covered in dust, and dirt, and spider webs, and ugly bugs. :/
So we lost a lot of stuff in that move. But that is horribly off topic. Actually, I'm not even sure what my topic was in the first place. Isn't that nice?
Anyways, sorry for not posting in two days. I am making a little challenge for myself. I will post every day until next Saturday. You think I can do it?
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