Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Scene by Wolfie

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"I'm bored. Are you bored? Sometimes when I'm bored I babble on and on and on. I don't really have a point, I just keeping on talking and talking and talking. And sometimes I get REALLY annoying. So annoying that I annoy myself and EVERYONE is yelling at my to shut up, but I can't shut up because I am so bored. And if I don't talk, I'll have nothing else to do, so-"


-Shuts up.-


I leaned against the wall. Waiting for the elevator to come. Bored out of mind.
Suddenly, there was a loud SNAP!.
I quickly moved away from the wall. My eyes flickered back and forth to see where the noise came from.
I looked towards the elevator door, which was opening, but there was no elevator.
The sound of shrieking metal rung in my eyes. My eyes were wide open. I stared into the gaping mouth of the elevator shaft.
I heard crashing noises coming from above my head. Screams filled the air.
The ceiling caved in, the elevator crashing through the it. Debris and bodies were trapped underneath it. Everything was covered in dust and blood.
And I watched as it crashed through the floor. As it crashed through the next ten floors.

I blinked. I was leaning on the wall next to the elevator door. I backed away from it, waiting. A light blinked and I heard a Ding!.
The doors opened and people walked out of the elevator. I walked in.
And it took me down the the first floor.

We're hearing reports of an elevator crashing through fifteen stories of a building in downtown Los Angeles. Fred, what's it like over there?
"Well, it's dark inside. The elevator knocked out the electricity in the building. Firetrucks and paramedics are surrounding the building and authorities have blocked off this part of the street. Nobody knows why the elevator crashed. But right now, we're trying to figure out exactly how many people were injured, and if there are any deaths. Fred Alister, downtown Los Angeles. Back to you Kayli."

*Sorry about the news part. Haven't been watching the news lately. I will have to fix that later.*
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