Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breaking The Habit

Or more accurately, getting into the habit. Breaking the Habit is a song by Linkin Park. Hopefully you've heard of them. Because if you haven't, I probably sound like some sort of freak who listens to nonexsistant bands. Right?
Anyways, I haven't blogged in a while. I also have not been commenting much or discovering new blogs. I've been busy lately. I didn't realize on how much I've been missing out. So, I promise I will try and comment on your blogs whenever I can. Otherwise, check my posts. I plan on blogging somewhat regularly. Maybe I'll leave you something special to read. :)
Anyways, here's my life:
yet, boring
I am an Avatar: The Last Airbender freak. I'm sure none of you have even heard of that show. *Sigh.* Oh well. You're missing out.
Also, I'm level 28 on Farmville.
Reading is also something I'm starting to pick up. Haven't read in a while. I did not realize that I gave up two of the things I loved the most. I'm still getting the hang of blogging. Please come back to me.
Sleep tight.
Then something about bedbugs.
But why would you want such a horrible thought to ruin your night's sleep?
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  1. I didn't know Farmville had levels.

    Tio Lee
    Tossing It Out

  2. awwww...

    its okay..

    btw i like linkin park :3

    Last Airbender freak..? Awesome xD (yeah I know :P)

    Night night ^^ *hugs tight*

  3. Lee: YEs, farmville does have levels. If you play a lot, they go by fast. I'm not that addicted to farmville. Or maybe I am...

    Chocolate lover: Yes. Linkin Park is cool. And you can call me a last airbender freak. I'm not going to watch the movie, though. All other fans who have seen it say it's horrible. Do NOT want to be disappointed. I LOVE AVATAR!!! (The Last Airbender)

  4. Making a habit seems as difficult as breaking a habit! I think it's called too many ToDo's!

    Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!


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