Sunday, June 13, 2010

Avatar... No, not that one...

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I am currently obsessed with Avatar. And though I love the movie, I'm not talking about that Avatar. I'm talking about the cartoon television series. (Why did I say television instead of TV?) I had loved it. After the season finale, I had stopped watching it. That was two years ago. Occasionally, I would see it on the TV guide, but I wouldn't care too much. So, on Friday I was talking to my cousin. Somehow we got to talking about what movies we want to see in the theaters. We got to Avatar, and she tells me about this marathon. They're showing all the seasons with captions. By any chance, have you seen those Pop-up Editions of Disney Channel movies? Well, it's kind of like that. So, I saw the end of the first season on Friday. All this week, they're showing the second season. I'm assuming next weekend is the third season. And from what she told me, they're making a last season, which is why they're showing all the previous episodes. Anyways, I had completely forgotten how cool the series was. Now, I'm like obsessed over it again. I cannot wait for the movie. I REALLY hope they don't mess it up.
Whenever I watch it, I wonder which element I would love to control. What kind of -bender do I want to be? I will say that I would not like to be an airbender. It's cool, I guess, but I wouldn't want to be one. I cannot seem to choose between fire, water, and earth, though. Fire is just awesome. I would love to be a firebender, except for the fact that the fire nation is about as close to evil as you can get without actually being "evil." I would love to be a waterbender because the earth is 75% water. Also, it would be helpful when stranded on an island or in the middle of a desert. However, earth is also awesome. There's a girl named Toph. She's blind, but because she's an earthbender, she can feel the vibrations, and that's how she sees. She is THE best earthbender. Trust me, she is. And that is why I love earthbending. You don't have to see. You rely on what you feel. You have to admit, that's cool.
So, at this point, I'm leaning towards Earth. But I change my mind constantly.
What element would you be?
Have a good writing day.
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