Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Questions (1)

Okay, so sorry about not posting yesterday. My cousin came over and I thought it would be rude to go on the computer with company over. Also, she's my best friend, and I haven't seen her in a while (since Wednesday! ), so we talked and stuff. But, since my sister was here, we didn't get to much of that. Oh well, maybe next time.
Anyways, I've decided to do a Versus thing on Saturdays.
Like- Saturday Versus: Apples vs. Bananas.
But, today isn't Saturday, it's Sunday. And that means I have some questions regarding religion and such. I read this book called Burned by Ellen Hopkins. If you've visited my Reader Person blog, then you might have seen my review. Unless I didn't post it yet. I'm going to need to check on that later.
Back to Sunday Questions. First, I'm going to give you some background on the book.
The main character is Pattyn. She lives with her mother, her father, and (I believe) five younger sisters. They're Mormons. It all pretty much starts with a dream Pattyn had. I'm still not sure exactly what it was. Well, Pattyn gets a boyfriend a little bit after the dream. He isn't a Mormon, so they have to sneak about and whatever. Well, eventually her father finds out and threatens to kill the guy. This part didn't bother me ad much as it normally would because I personally thought the guy was a jerk and only using Pattyn for.... reasons. Now would be the time to mention that the father drinks and swears and abuses his wife (Pattyn's mother). Well, after this incident, he sends Pattyn off to her Aunt J, his sister. Pattyn spends the summer with Aunt J. She meets a guy named Ethan, who is Aunt J's neighbor's son. He has agreed to work with Aunt J for the summer before Pattyn showed up. Well, Pattyn and Ethan fall in love. This is a problem because 1.) Ethan isn't a Mormon and 2.) he's going off to college. Pattyn can either live with her Aunt and be farther away from Ethan, or move back with her "family" and be closer to him. Well, she doesn't really have a choice because her father comes to get her at the end of summer. When she gets back home, her mother is pregnant with the son her father always wanted. So as not to hurt the baby, her father, being the considerate man he is, moves on to abuse Jackie, the oldest sister after Pattyn. Now that Pattyn is home, though, he starts to abuse her. After a very brutal incident ending with Pattyn being beaten, she realizes she's pregnant. She tells Ethan this, and he asks her to marry him. Just to get something straight, he really loved her. I mean really really really loved her. So, she agrees and a few days later, Ethan comes to pick her up at school and they start their drive (I believe) to California. It turns out that they were being watched by a Mormon guy who used to like Pattyn. He writes down Ethan's license plate number and calls Pattyn's father to tell him what happened. Her father calls the police and they go after Ethan. When Pattyn and Ethan notice the police, Ethan speeds up to try and avoid them. Now would be the perfect time to mention that it had snowed the night before and the roads were icy. The car crashed. Pattyn wakes up in a hospital to find out three things:
1.) Ethan died
2.) her baby died
3.) her father disowned her

It was so heartbreaking and unbelievable. But that's just how Ellen Hopkins is. So now, for my questions. Do Mormons really think men are so superior to women? I forgot to mention that part. Over and over again things like "if your husband wants you to drive, he'll teach you" or "if your husband wants you to go to college, he'll send you" or "if your father want this, blah blah blah" "if your husband" "if your brother". Let's review on what Pattyn's father did, he abused his wife, Pattyn, his daughters; he threatened Pattyn's first boyfriend; he had threatened to kill Aunt J's true love, who turns out to be Ethan's father, way back when; he killed Ethan. Maybe not directly, but I certainly believe that he killed Ethan. Also, I forgot who he was exactly, but he was some man from the church. There's this once part, where he is talking to Pattyn. She asks him something about a man abusing his wife. He accuses her of lying because he believes that she's trying to get her father in trouble for something he never did (though I believe that he knew all along about the abuse). He ends off saying something that both me and Pattyn translated to: it's okay to abuse your wide and children as long as there is no evidence and it's for a good reason.
So my Sunday Question: are men so superior to women? Why? Aren't we all equal in God's eyes? And is it right to abuse you family? To disown your daughter for falling in love?
So, she got pregnant. So do a lot of teenagers in America. It's not really her fault. Anyways, I'll address that certain topic on another Sunday Questions.
And now I'm curious about other religions and what other people think. I talked breifly to my cousin on this yesterday. It was a short but interesting conversation. If you have something to say, please comment. This book made me so curious about that.
That's all for today. Sorry if the post was too long or something.
Have a good writing day! (And don't abuse your family!)
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  1. All good questions Wolfie.
    I think I would probably best just direct you back to my blog itself. I have all kinds of thoughts on religion, God, Jesus and Love and how they all tie together. So much abuse is committed in the name of Christ that it is sad. So many use God as a tool for their own personal power.
    Some people would think that since I'm a Christian I'm supposed to defend 'religion,' but I won't. The only thing worse than a bad man that doesn't know God is a bad man who thinks he knows God. As Jesus would say, "They profess me with their lips but their hearts are far from me."

    Not much of an answer I know...But I still loves me some Floyd.
    Go check out some of my earlier blogs...even some of my recent ones.

    Be blessed. Be a blessing.
    DJ GlenMC

  2. I guess that's the reason why I don't read fiction anymore, I get way too into the story- end up crying in the end. How sad... the even sadder part of the story is that I'm sure her story is reality in many homes across Across America.

    Do I believe men are superior? No I agree with you, I believe that God originated men and women to be equal but throughout the ages the human race messed things up. Unfortunately many religions do put women down. Even some religious Christians do this (like DJ Glen was saying) but this is not biblical or what Jesus taught.

    There is a story that comes to mind- Jesus went to a well in the mid-day and against the religious and cultural customs of his day- had a conversation with a woman of another race/culture. In his day, what he did was shunned- but he didn't care- he wanted to show us that he looks beyond male/female/culture and race... he looks at the heart and loves from the heart.

    I don't do religion because religion is man-made and usually has a set list of rules that makes a person acceptable or unacceptable. People end up getting hurt in the name of religion. I'm a Jesus person- I look at Jesus' example and take that as my cue on how I should act towards other people and interpret my faith. I go by the bible and not by human man made traditions.

    Second question- Is it right to abuse your family? Never, abuse is not love. I grew up in a home where abuse was normal... and then they would tell me "i love you" but to me- love wouldn't hurt a person, put them down and make them feel inferior. I kept forgiving- but it was a repetitive lifestyle- eventually I had to leave and emotionally, physically and mentally separate myself from my abusive family. I still love them but from afar. Because I stood up for myself and say "No, it is not okay for you to beat me and treat me like this" I was eventually disowned from my family of origin. I wasn't disowned for falling in love but for standing up for truth. My brothers are still under the control and manipulation. They refuse to talk to me because they are scared (it has been 3 years already). Their philosophy was "if you can't beat them, join them". So sad.

    It was my faith in Jesus Christ that gave me the courage to do right and live right. To stand up for truth and embrace life, love and liberty. It was my faith that helped me to heal and embrace forgiveness. My faith gives me purpose to leave a legacy and make a difference in this world- Christ is my reason for living.

    I hope this helps... I read your post and wanted to share my story and thoughts... i hope to hear from you soon!

  3. First I want to say that unfortunately, I don't always reply to comments. I'll need to start keeping up with that. Anyways-
    DJ GlenMC: I have noticed that many people DO use God or Jesus or whoever they believe in as an excuse to do something. That is something I have found to be true.
    Tori Cooper: If you love someone, you have no right to abuse them. There would be no reason for it if you love them. I'm sorry. It scares me to think that I might be the one in your brothers' situation. I'd like to think that eventually, I would have enough of it. That I would be able to stand up for myself, as you did. And yes, I did cry. That book really hit me. But I love books like that. It shows you how messed up the world really is.


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